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Malukah - Beauty of Dawn

Born in Monterrey, México, Malukah grew up listening to The Beatles, Billy Joel, and the Tetris soundtrack. After several years of studying piano, her love for singing and songwriting began immediately after she picked up an acoustic guitar.

Malukah wrote and recorded her debut album, All of the Above, while attending Berklee College of Music. Since graduating with a dual major in Music Production & Engineering and Film Scoring, she has composed music for mobile games, short films, music libraries, and commercials/jingles.

In 2011, she started a YouTube channel to share videos that incorporate her love of games, soundtracks, and vocals. Her Skyrim covers combined have over 23 million views on YouTube and have been featured on sites such as IGN,, and Joystiq among others.

Currently, Malukah is writing songs for a new original album, and continuing to create songs inspired by some of her favorite games.

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