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Ask Us Anything: Aldmeri Dominion (Part 2)

We invite you to enjoy our newest installment of the ESO “Ask Us Anything” series. You’ve sent in so many creative questions about the Aldmeri Dominion, its lore, Queen Ayrenn, and more—we really enjoyed getting them. Read on to see what questions we chose this time!

Also, we are now looking for your questions about the Daggerfall Covenant, which will be the focus of our first “Ask Us Anything” in 2013. As some of you may already know, the Daggerfall Covenant was formed by the Bretons, Orcs, and Redguards in northwest Tamriel.  Some of the regions this alliance calls home are High Rock and Hammerfell. You can read a little more about the Daggerfall Covenant here. Please send your questions about this alliance to us at

Where will you enter the Aldmeri Dominion as a new player? Are we just going to start at the capital hub, or will there be different starting areas depending on our race? – By Stephanie Morin

Each Alliance has its own, rather remote starting zone that gives new players a chance to figure out what’s going on before being turned loose on the world at large. All members of the Aldmeri Dominion will begin their journey on an island called Khenarthi’s Roost just off the south coast of Tamriel.

Some people are worried that your interpretation/version of the Aldmeri Dominion isn't as extreme as they were described in the "Pocket Guide to the Empire." Is the Dominion that is present in TESO a less extreme precursor of the Dominion that was established in 2E 830? – By Charlie Vorholzer

Yes – and remember, the “Pocket Guide to the Empire” was written by enemies of the Dominion – every Elder Scrolls lore book reflects the point of view of its author(s), even the PGE. The Aldmeri think their cause is just and actions taken in its name are righteous. Their opponents, on the other hand, regard them as racist authoritarians out to return the humans of Tamriel to a condition little better than slavery.

You've mentioned the playable areas of Elsweyr and Summerset; what will the playable area(s) of Valenwood be? – By Daniel Altmann

A great deal of Valenwood will be playable, from Haven on the Elsweyr border, west past Southpoint, Greenheart, Woodhearth, and north all the way up the Strid Estuary to the border with Colovia. That includes the entire interior between those points, so prepare for lots of Wood Elven goodness.

Elsweyr is infamous for its Moon Sugar production. What do Altmer and Bosmer think about this? – By Lord Andrew

Most of the uses of moon-sugar are benign, and just satisfy the Catfolk’s insatiable craving for sweets. It’s only when moon-sugar is refined into the dangerous narcotic skooma that it becomes a problem. No government approves of skooma.

Will leaders like Queen Ayrenn get involved in the actual fighting between the alliances or does she prefer to pull strings from the save capitol? – By Matt Donn

The three alliance leaders have distinct personalities, and will make different choices. Queen Ayrenn is less tradition-bound than most Elves, and wants to see the situation for herself rather than rely on reports. She prefers to be where the action is.

Will the Camoran dynasty be somehow involved in the Dominion's politics?  It seems to be somehow related to the foundation of the first Thalmor -- will we get to know a bit more about the origins of this political group? – By Jérémy Haut

The Camoran dynasty ruled (or at least influenced) Valenwood ever since it was founded back in 1E 1. With the end of the second Empire the Camoran dynasty is trying to return to its former glory. At the time of The Elder Scrolls Online, Camoran Aeradan is King of the Wood Elves – so, yes, the Camorans play a definite role. The politics of those in and around the Camoran dynasty continue to inform everything that happens in Valenwood.

Why did the Aldmeri Dominion change Valenwood's capital city? And why is a Bosmer city the capital of the Dominion, despite the fact that Altmer are the true leaders? – By Tamás Várfalvi

The High Elves proposed Elden Root in Valenwood as the capital of the Aldmeri Dominion for strategic reasons – it helps bind the continental races to the Elves of Summerset to have the capital on Tamriel – and for mystical reasons, about which we can say no more!

Who rules Elsweyr? Do they have nobles, ruling families, or something similar? Will the Mane make an appearance in game? – Combined Question by Nick Pantring & Mark Mullinger

In the northern deserts of Elsweyr, the nomadic tribes are ruled by tribal chiefs while southern Elsweyr with its merchants, farms, and arts has a long-established Khajiiti nobility. The Mane, who is the Khajiiti spiritual leader and combines these two ways of life into one culture, will definitely be making an appearance in The Elder Scrolls Online.

I'd like to know more about the Knahaten Flu. How it came to be and was treated? – By Will Manson

There are many theories as to the origin of the Knahaten Flu – some believe in natural causes, while others blame the Argonians since they are immune to it. There are also many, er, entrepreneurs who claim they have effective cures. As a player, you’ll have to decide for yourself what to believe. 

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