The Elder Scrolls Online

Fan-Crafted: Beta Roundup

The announcement of beta sign-ups for The Elder Scrolls Online sent a jolt of energy through the community. We’ve gathered up tons of new videos, articles, and other inspiring fan creations to share with you.

Take a look at what your fellow ESO fans have been up to! Do you have an ESO-inspired creation you’d like to share? Send us your links via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, or email us at


Check out these fansite articles to discover the hottest topics in the ESO community and get involved in the discussions:


Give the Hymn of Tamriel a listen. ESO fan NB composed this piece after being inspired by the Alliances Cinematic Trailer.


Lend your ear to these brand new ESO podcasts:

  • ESOTR Com Spotlight Episode 1 - This community spotlight brings together fansites Elder Scrolls Off the Record and Tamriel Foundry
  • TESOcast Ep 0 – The premiere episode of Twonk Hammer’s ESO podcast features discussions about beta sign-ups and the Alliances Cinematic Trailer


Enjoy these great video discussions, fan-made trailers, and more:

  • ESO Fan Trailer (Entix fromMars) – This fan shares his excitement with a video montage
  • Ideal Beta Testers (ESO Cast) – Jesse and Force discuss the beta and testing
  • Episode 11: Beta (Troll Scroll) – The crew talks beta, its implications, and general game topics
  • Map, Lore, PvP (sKiiTs8) – A fan dives into the world of Tamriel, the ESO story, and PvP


Looking for an ESO-themed wallpaper? Pick your favorite:

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