The Elder Scrolls Online

The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #8

Catch up on this week’s fansite articles, enjoy some great ESO-inspired art, and check out other awesome fan creations with our collection of links.

It’s a new week, and that means that we get to share more great articles, podcasts, fan art and fiction, and other content created by fans like you. We love to discover new works inspired by ESO, so make sure to send your links to us at We hope you’ll enjoy this new issue’s offerings.

Fan Art

We’re always inspired by the talent of ESO fan artists. Take a look at some recent works, and don’t forget to visit our official ESO Tumblr page for more!

ESO Poster ChallengeBy Damien Mammoliti

Soulless OnesBy Alfred Khamidullin (Check out his ‘making of’ article about this piece!)

Fan Fiction

Journey to Tamriel through the eyes of other ESO fans with these stories:

Cairne By Elizabeth Noyes

It is midday. I can feel the warm glow of sunshine sweep cleanly over my face, flooding through my system, soothing to the core. I can taste the cool wisp of a balmy breeze wafting softly through my hair, carrying sweet scents of lavender and wildflowers. I lift my arms above my head, splaying my fingers outward as far as they can reach, to feel the air rush through them, to feel the touch of life and nature so gentle and pure and blessedly magnificent. With a contented sigh I let the earth’s call take me.”

The MineBy Triskele

“‘...And ever since it's been a nightmare.’”

The miner, trembling, wiped cold sweat from his brow after he concluded his story to the two riders before him. Still in the saddle of her grey mare, Triskele shifted slightly as she wriggled her foot, resting in the stirrup. Her cold eyes gave nothing away as she shot her companion a look, pale lips pursed. Said companion, a Dunmer with dusky skin and an attire that seemed to consist out of grey rags and old leather, much favoured by moths, stirred slightly on top of his exceptionally scrawny garron as he returned her gaze. The nod between them could hardly be perceived, and then they both dismounted at once. The miner rubbed his hands together anxiously, looking between the two as they grabbed certain things from their saddlebags – pouches, some flasks, bolts, lockpicks, arrows, and more.”

The Running Tree: Chapter Eight By Donovan Fouts

“Calina had a vague awareness that she was dreaming. As in all of her dreams, that awareness did nothing to soften her growing feeling of helplessness. It was night. She was back in Lillandril, but it was not the home she remembered. She seemed to be floating through the city’s empty streets. All of the buildings were vacant and rundown. It was if she had been gone a thousand years. She thought it may have been that long since anyone had been there.”

Fan Music

Listen to these excellent fan compositions:

Skyrim – By Matthew Shine

Sun on Broad Leaf (Argonian Folk Song) – By DrWantonPanda

News and Articles

Get the latest news, info, and editorials from ESO fan site writers:

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TESO Elite

Podcasts and Videocasts

Hear fansite personalities discuss all things ESO:




Richie “Bog Otter” Procopio


Spartan Jesters

Trekker Crew

Twonk Hammer

Question of the Week Answers

We’ve gathered up some of your answers to last week’s Developer Question of the Week. Watch the video to see the full question, and look for a new Developer Question of the Week this Thursday.

  • “I can seriously see my devious Dunmer Assassin crafting Invisibility potions with his alchemy. If not for espionage, than just plain old fun. Or maybe he'll be silly and craft growth potions! Increasing his overall size for a medium amount of time.” – Sean and Bobby
  • Roses are great for a variety of reasons. Love of course but don't forget they have thorns, or that they come in multiple colors. My characters would use roses for potions that made me easier to trust by whomever I talk to. They would also use roses in potions designed to protect me against others who are using magic to make themselves liked in my eyes.” – Gabe
  • What potions will I be crafting?  Well, that depends greatly on what's possible, doesn't it?  Health and Mana are obvious choices.  Perhaps not so obvious are mana poisons to use against magic-using people and creatures as well as other poisons for more conventional foes.  Potions of invisibility can be extremely handy from time to time, as well as potions of night-eye, water-breathing, potions to enhance dexterity (for example for lock-picking or pick-pocketing) and, of course, potions to enhance one's crafting abilities temporarily to allow one to craft stronger potions than one is otherwise capable of.  

    How about potions that heighten one's sense of smell, hearing or touch as well?  You don't have to see an enemy if you can smell or hear them, and an enhanced sense of smell can be very useful in tracking.  If you've ever picked a lock, you know it is somewhat about dexterity, but mostly about what you can *feel*.  Poisons that do the converse, of course.  A poison that, if applied to a weapon, will cause your foe to lose their sight, or sense of smell or hearing, or cause them to go numb or clumsy.
    ” – David Wright
  • I look forward to combo potions, as well as straight up ones, and I am looking for even more capabilities being enhanced by them. An alchemist shouldn't need to worry about such things as armor, food, torches, swimming lessons, or acrobatic training. He should get everything he needs in life from the world around him... well, almost everything. I guess weapons would help him get that trollskin he needs to make the bar wench think he's Adonis and that she is off-duty and in need, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Of course, digging up those bones to make his cloak defy gravity would be easier with a shovel, that sort of mundane thing.

    Bring back those old abilities we had potions for. I loved levitating across Vardenfell and was really looking forward to crossing the Jeral's on a cloud. Swimming is one of my favorite ways to navigate Nirn, where feasible, so I will be looking forward to all the water-helping potions, breathing, walking, light, off the top of my head. But hey, let’s not forget the old standbys: Healing, Fortitude, Magika, etc...”
    – static
  • My main character would be a almost Rangery kind of character. He will be the first into enemy lands to scope out the area and is the one with the longest night shifts. That being said... my character would hugely benefit from invisibility potions, which is great because I imagine my character (more often than normal) coming across vampires and lunar moths, whose dust and wings can be used to create it.” – Alessandro Vidussoni

We hope you enjoyed this issue of The Tamriel Chronicle. Check back next week for more!

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