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The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #22

Catch up on fansite articles, check out some new fan creations, and get in on the latest discussions with our weekly collection of links.

It’s an exciting time! Gamescom 2013 is behind us, but PAX Prime is coming up this weekend, and that means even more for The Elder Scrolls Online fansites to talk about. The news and interviews from Gamescom have started lots of great fan discussions, and we’ve seen more wonderful fan creations, which we’ve rounded up for you right here. If you know of a fansite or ESO-inspired creation you’d like to see featured, send us a link at and we’ll take a look.

Straight from the Gamescom show floor, check out these photos of the Bethesda booth, fans playing ESO, and more—even a dragon priest stopped by to say hello!


Fan Art

We’re always inspired by the talent of ESO fan artists. Take a look at some recent works, and don’t forget to visit our official ESO Tumblr page for more!

Altmer Male & FemaleBy Shanku on Tamriel Foundry


Flame Atronach – By Erik Lovell on DeviantArt

The Night MotherBy KABren on DeviantArt 

Fan Fiction

Journey to Tamriel through the eyes of other ESO fans.

Casting Shadows: Chapter 3By BlytheAlarynn on TESOF

The forest was still dark and dismal. Raen imagined the sun would soon begin to creep into the sky. Even so, it made for a difficult feat, treading of unearthed roots, rocks, and ice. The darkness that shrouded her vision was only becoming increasingly agitating as her search went on.

“I told you I’m less useful than a candle.” she said under her breath. After a slew of curses and battling a wall of dead branches, Raen found herself in a small clearing. The young elf drew in a long, even breath and surveyed what she had found.

The Deserter: Chapter 4By Davek on TESO-RP

Nazra stood frozen as the strange man stood over her, calmly uncoiling the rope in his hands. Nazra pressed against the locked door, willing it to open. But her attention was drawn across the room, and her eyes left the stranger. The stranger, curious, turned his head.


Dazog's metal boot planted into the man's back. Nazra came back to her senses just in time to duck to the side, narrowly dodging the airborne Breton.

Swordplay By Triskele on TESOF

The boy, seventeen summers old at most, sat back in a cushion apprehensively as he watched the girl. She was his minor by only a year. The garden was quiet at this late hour, with the sun setting beyond the western walls of Gilane, and the air was sultry and heavy with the scents of flowers and spices. The girl slowly walked around the marble fountain, the edges carved elaborately, depicting a legend every child of Hammerfell grew up hearing. The boy saw how she stopped at a certain scene, and placed a flat palm on the exquisite stone. A bird sang.

Theodyne Robillard of Hammerfell and The Daggerfall Covenant: Part 5 By Theodyne Robillard on TESOF

The necromancer still could not believe that Molag Bal had not accepted his sacrifice of the human known as Theodyne Robillard. He had prepared the ceremony properly. He had followed each step to the letter. Was Molag Bal displeased with him? He did not know. Nine days had passed since the rejected offering and he had still not disposed of the body yet. In fact, he did not plan to. Why should he? A strong body such as this would surely come in useful should he ever be in combat. If nothing else another specimen to experiment on. He traveled only at night but how could he not carrying around a body strapped to the back of his horse. Surely it would raise questions and then his dark secret would be uncovered. And it was not yet time for anyone to know his true self.

Fan Music

Listen to these excellent fan compositions, inspired by The Elder Scrolls Online:

Akaviri Sunrise By Matthew Shine

Tower of Mzark By Armin Gutjahr

News and Articles

Get the latest news, info, and editorials from ESO fan site writers:

Elder Scrolls Online Info

ESO Lodge


Tamriel Foundry



Podcasts and Videocasts

Hear fansite personalities discuss all things ESO:


Elder Scrolls Off The Record





Twonk Hammer

Question of the Week Answers

We’ve gathered up some of your answers to last week’s Developer Question of the Week. Watch the video to see the full question, and look for a new Developer Question of the Week this Thursday.

  • “I'm not a big fan of horses. Can I ride a guar or a netch?” – Skelius Mortalis
  • “I would name him... Outrageous, so I could say, ‘My horse is –wait for it—Outrageous!” – Titas Paukštelis
  • “That is easy. I'd name it Stormhoof. Of course it should be a mare, in recognition to the gender of the Goddess of Storms.” – Asger Lakkenborg Christiansen
  • “Zinzinbadio, which was the name of the horse in a fantasy/adventure novel I read as a kid. It always sounded exotic and magical—and fast!” – Laura Deerfield
  • “If I had a horse in ESO, I would call it Nightshade, after my favorite flower in Tamriel/Skyrim—especially if the horse was black.” – Sofi Ayaz
  • “I wonder how many people instantly thought ‘Shadowmere.’” – Erick Miller
  • “Princess Cupcake shall be the name of my majestic friend.” – Sarah Figueroa
  • “I shall name mine Moon Sugar. That way, when the guard lets me into city I will ask him, ‘Can I bring Moon Sugar?’ And with a funny look and then a scowl, the guard will say, ‘No, into the cuffs!’ but Khajiit is smart, and there comes Moon Sugar and my explanation, and Khajiit goes in... with real moon sugar in Khajiit's bag, which makes Skooma-maker cousin an innocent man inside the walls!” – Ernesto Porcari

We hope you enjoyed all the fan creations and news in this week’s issue of The Tamriel Chronicle. We’ll be back next week with more!

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