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The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #27

Browse our latest collection of links to ESO fan creations. We’ve rounded up tons of new articles, fiction, and more for you to enjoy!

There’s no shortage of inspiring creativity on display amongst fans of The Elder Scrolls Online like you. This week, we’re highlighting some of our new favorites. If you have a link you’d like to see featured, send it to us at and take a look.

The Emote Creation Contest is over, and we’re examining all the awesome entries now. Check out our YouTube playlist to see some of the submissions. We’ll announce the winner on Friday, October 11th.

Fan Art

We’re always inspired by the talent of ESO fan artists. Take a look at some recent works, and don’t forget to visit our official ESO Tumblr page for more!

ESO Ouroboros StatueBy Chengeling on Tumblr

Therian Kingsley the BretonArt by Evanyell, character by Therian on TESO-RP

Wood Elf from Aldmeri DominionBy Shanku on Tamriel Foundry

Fan Fiction

Journey to Tamriel through the eyes of other ESO fans.

A Hand RebuffedBy Daniyah on TESO-RP

"Tell us what happened, boy - and spare no detail." The guard captain's voice was stern as he eyed the lad, lips pressing in a thin line of disapproval.

He swallowed hard, gaze not lifting. "A man wanted me to leave my duties. Tried to give me wine, but I said no. Then he struck me in the head. When I came back 'round, she was there - fighting him off, I think. I tried to help, and she hit me in the throat. He got away."

Theodyne Robillard of Hammerfell and The Daggerfall Covenant: Part 8By Theodyne Robillard on TESOF

What would have taken three days to journey to the ruins, only took Mordynak a day and a half. He arrived just as the sun was beginning to set, and with only little daylight left he quickly began his search of the outer ruins. He made his way cautiously, although quickly, to the secret entrance and began his search there. He knelt at the entrance way and scanned the ground and found the key that Alator had given to Theodyne and without hesitation he placed the key into the hollow in the stone face. The stone began to shift and change until the doorway was open and he stepped inside the dark, cold, damp tunnel.

To Kill a Minotaur: Fa'dul's StruggleBy Grape Drank on TESOF

A lone Khajiit walked through the grassy fields of the Nibenay valley, his name: Fa'dul. The Suthay-raht was leaving the Dominion territories behind to avoid conscription into the Altmer's war. It had been mere hours since Fa'dul had left the safety of Arenthia, but already he had to dispatch a highwayman to the afterlife. Planning to make his way to the Imperial City, Fa'dul decided to leave the relative safety of the road to shorten his journey. The young ranger didn't put too much thought into the dangers that lie waiting in the rich valley. However that was not to say that he foolishly bumbled about.

Fan Music

Listen to this great musical offering, inspired by The Elder Scrolls Online:

Battle of Pale PassBy Armin Gutjahr

Dragonfire's Wake - Akaviri Folk SongBy DrWantonPanda

News and Articles

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Question of the Week Answers

We’ve gathered up some of your answers to last week’s Developer Question of the Week. Watch the video to see the full question, and look for a new Developer Question of the Week this Thursday.

  • "All about keep defense. Watching waves of enemies break on stone walls and fall to the hail of arrows. Unless I'm a stealther, then it's all about picking off singles running to join the war." – Montana Crawford
  • "Blend in. Take to the shadows. Sneak into the commander's quarters and bid him adieu. And send his soul to Sithis." – Josh Wagner
  • "Formulate ambushes in choke points between main objectives with my enchanted traps, creating minefields for any helpless bunch that wanders through. Then pick them apart and create as much chaos as possible before diverting our force to the next location." – Stevie Nelli
  • "Go deep and keep allies informed of any enemy troops that are heading toward Cyrodiil, and take out solos trying to join them on the way." – Ted Nagel
  • "I shall crush my enemies under the weight of my boots as I charge them on the front lines. They shall feel terror before they face Oblivion. Their skulls will shatter under my battlehammer. Those that are left shall flee for their lives." – Tyler Beal
  • "I think I would wipe out the strategic resources of the defenders. Blocking food and water supplies sounds like a good start." – Sean Thornberry Gurnsey
  • "I will go deep into enemy territory and take out stragglers and explorers, demoralizing their countrymen. When our keeps are under attack, I will attack the siege users from behind and pick them off one by one until their siege equipment is silent." – William Maass
  • "Take my group lead them into the biggest battle and, with superior tactics, wipe out the enemy forces together as a single supreme unit." – Geoff Ryarczyk

We hope you enjoyed all the fan creations and news in this week’s issue of The Tamriel Chronicle. We’ll be back next week with more!

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