The Elder Scrolls Online

The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #40

Check out a brand new batch of links to awesome fan creations.

We can’t wait to see what great creations you come up with this year. If today’s links are any indication, we’re in for a ton of incredible stuff! Enjoy our newest collection in this issue. Have you been inspired to create an ESO-themed piece of artwork, music, or something else? Do you have a favorite ESO fansite or creation? We’d love to see it. Send it to us at and we’ll take a look.

Fan Art

We’re always inspired by the talent of ESO fan artists. Take a look at some recent works, and don’t forget to visit our official ESO Tumblr page for more!

Awa-vei the ArgonianArt by Ciele, character by TheHumanFloyd on TESO-RP

Falcastra JordaneskjoldaArt by Aadoris, character by Falcastra Jordaneskjolda on TESO-RP

Night DreadheartArt by Evanyell, character by Night on TESO-RP

Fan Fiction

Journey to Tamriel through the eyes of your fellow ESO fans.

The Briarvane SistersBy Deyannore on TESOF

Deyannore curled up in the crawlspace. It was her favorite spot inside the house, where she could smell the bread baking from the oven vent nearby, and because of said vent, the spot was always warm. She scratched at her arm. The yelling had attracted her here. It was her uncle. She knew Irilan was confronting her father about what Des did. Running her fingernails absentmindedly up her elbow, she listened intently.

The Dawn of Shadows: Chapter 5By Soulflame on TESOF

I opened my eyes. Dim torch light illuminated my surroundings. I lay upon a cold, rough surface. Looking down, I saw it was cobblestone.

I shivered, realizing I had been stripped of my cloak. The torch, resting on its sconce, provided little to no warmth. As my eyes adjusted to the lighting, I noticed a dusty horse blanket rolled up in a corner of the cell. Taking it, I threw it over myself, trying not to think how dirty the blanket was.

Silver LiningCollaboration by Dyna and Galien on TESO-RP

She dreamt she was falling.

Her body parted a sea of clouds before plummeting towards the surface of a storm-tossed sea, but she didn’t find that she was afraid – only sad, that it all should end so quickly. She closed her eyes and waited for the waters to take her, to drag her down –

… and awoke to the sudden need to vomit, as she had every morning for the past month.

Fan Music

Listen to this great musical offering inspired by The Elder Scrolls Online:

Kynareth’s HeartBy Matthew Shine

News and Articles

Get the latest news, info, and editorials from ESO fansite writers:

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Podcasts and Videocasts

Hear fansite personalities discuss all things ESO:

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Question of the Week Answers

We’ve gathered up some of your answers to last week’s Developer Question of the Week. Watch the video to see the full question, and look for a new Developer Question of the Week this Thursday.

  • "CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!" - Nick Clark
  • "I would move all the Argonians to Elsweyr and all the Khajiit to Black Marsh."  – Ovidiu Fantu
  • "I would create a war, but the only weapon allowed is the sweetroll. It will be the biggest food fight ever and all to win the new Sweetroll Throne and become the Sweetroll Emperor."  – Tyrian Mark Milligan
  • "I would make everyone's true intentions visible to the world and watch the chaos ensue."  – Laura Deerfield
  • "I would steal everyone's left boot."  – Brittany Casaway
  • "I’d hang out with Sheogorath and screw with travelers, then turn Coldharbour into rainbows and unicorns with a hidden camera to see Molag Bal's face when he sees his domain."  – Drake Maine
  • "I’d be the Daedric Prince of gambling, deals, wagers, and greed. I’d fulfill peoples’ dreams—for a price! Like one’s soul, or a promise of service, or even just money. I could get seriously rich from that! My realm of Oblivion would be a gigantic cavern where I hoard all my treasure, and the people who have lost wagers or couldn't pay would be trapped there to work for me."  – Klaas Land
  • "I'd probably store the power somewhere so I can get it back when the time is up. If I couldn't do that, then I'd make sure to tick off all the other Princes super bad, because I don't like them."  – Kris Kitelinger

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