The Elder Scrolls Online

Hands-On Beta PvP Impressions

Take another peek inside the ESO beta with PvP impressions from press and fansites.

More hands-on impressions are headed your way! Two weeks ago, you saw tons of new articles, videos, and screenshots from the early PvE experience in ESO's beta, and last week, press and fansites took a closer look at PvP. Check out the links we've gathered here to find out about battling other players and sieging keeps in Cyrodiil, and enjoy some more new videos and screens.


  • Elite Monster – "Set in the Imperial Province Cyrodiil, the PvP map is a sprawling expanse with over 40 discrete locations to explore, battle over, and eventually capture through victorious conquest."
  • Escapist Magazine – "If the idea of fantasy battles on a massive scale piques your interest, you'll probably want to keep an eye out to see how TESO's PvP evolves once the game hits launch."
  • Game Informer – "ESO feels like a living, breathing world, with intense combat, massive PvP and quests and characters that have weight and meaning behind them aside from the quest reward at the end."
  • Game Tactics – "This could be the MMO PvPers have been pining for a while now, simply because of the scale of what they’re trying to accomplish here."
  • Gaming Nexus – "The process of attempting to capture a keep is one of the most thrilling gameplay activities as a group of focused players and strong teamwork are required to accomplish the feat."
  • IGN – "With 16 keeps and their surrounding areas to capture and control and six Elder Scrolls to steal, there is plenty to keep PvP diehards constantly busy in this epic zone."
  • Massively – The Elder Scrolls Online: Battling it out in Cyrodiil (includes Video)
  • MMOGames – "Recently, standing on the parapet of a keep in Cyrodiil, I watched the Daggerfall Covenant troops break their way in. Combat was messy, it was unfocused. It was war."
  • – "I’m just going to come out and say it: Zenimax seems to have gotten it right with Alliance War."
  • Player Attack – "Overall the PvP battles in Cyrodiil are enjoyable and seem well thought out. There's a very clear goal for each side to work towards, yet still enough in the way of side quests and locations to explore to have it feel just like the rest of the world."
  • Ten Ton Hammer – "Attacking keeps with a big group is crazy fun, even for a dedicated PvE guy like myself."
  • The Elder Scrolls Off the Record – “I must say the PVP was really fun…I can’t wait to head back to Tamriel and Cyrodiil.”
  • The Outhousers – "I was glad to see strategy and teamwork play a large role in the warfare. No matter how powerful you are, players cannot just run around hacking through everything."
  • Worth Playing – "The implementation of faction warfare in The Elder Scrolls Online is a lot more than your basic instanced battlegrounds, and it's much larger in scale."


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