The Elder Scrolls Online

Upcoming Community Programs

Find out how to get your guild in the spotlight and learn more about new post-launch website content.

Now that ESO is live, you’ll be seeing some new recurring articles on the site. We’ll be digging into the community to feature guilds, create stories focused on Cyrodiil, share your favorite builds, uncover fascinating lore, and more. To get these programs rolling, we’ll need your input. Get involved and help us shine the spotlight on you!

Guild Features

Want us to share your guild with the world? Just answer the questions posted in this thread on the forums, send us a screenshot of you and your guild, and you might be selected for an upcoming article!

Lore Exploration

Are there any questions you have about ESO’s lore? We want to explore your favorite topics, so let us know what questions you have and we may explore them in-depth.

Battlemaster’s Corner

What’s your favorite build, and what do you use it for? Give us the details and share your combat tactics with the community. Send your skill loadout to us and don’t forget to include a description of what makes your build shine.

Stories from the Battlefield

Did something awesome happen in your campaign? An unlikely victory against overwhelming odds, a narrow escape with an Elder Scroll, or a long and hard-fought battle? We want your war stories!

The View from Tamriel

Do you have screenshots of you, your guild, your favorite vistas, or a memorable moment? Send them along and we may share them with the world. We welcome your videos, too!

Send your input on these topics to with “Community Programs” in the subject line. We can’t wait to see what you have for us!

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