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Battlemaster’s Corner – The Thunder Thief

Not every Sorcerer spends endless days wearing robes and studying. Check out our new featured build.

Player Ramon Paulino de Castro loves his Sorcerer, but ditches some of the traditional trappings of the magically-inclined. Read on to find out more about his favorite build, and don’t forget to send your favorite build to!

My Altmer, Osartos Saturo, is a Sorcerer that doesn't care about staves and robes. Even though he has the ability to use the incredible forces of the Destruction school, this Mer still likes to taste his enemy's blood, and to do so he uses two blades and medium armor to keep speed in his melee attacks. When things get tough, he can dodge and use the power of storms to fry his foes.

While he may lack the caution of the thief and the untouchability of the sorcerer, he combines the massive damage-dealing of both, killing multiple enemies in the blink of an eye with explosions and dual-wielding skills, which are very effective in his solo career. He obviously doesn’t prefer to tank, so he needs to deal with his enemies fast. In tough group dungeons, he needs backup from a healer and someone to keep the monsters’ attention.

Primary Skills

  • Whirlwind (Whirling Blades) - Every good DPS needs to be able to take care of multiple enemies, so with this skill Osartos can use his blades to become a butcher tornado while surrounded by foes. 
  • Surge - Osartos might not wear a robe, but he’s still a storm-calling mage. With this skill he can use lightning powers to give a boost to his blades’ damage. 
  • Mage’s Fury (Endless Fury) - Bleed the enemies and strike them down with this ability. The explosion deals AoE damage and recharges magicka ... use this to strike again. 
  • Flurry (Rapid Strikes) - Used when it’s necessary to focus on one enemy only. 
  • Lightning Form (Thundering Presence) - While surrounded by enemies, this skill comes in very handy to resist damage while frying whoever dares to come nearby. Osartos always tries to charge into a fight with Surge and Thundering Presence activated. 

Secondary Skills

While the primary skills are focused on Osartos’ solo career, the secondary ones are especially for group fights. He even let his inner mage to come out and use a staff, but still keeps his blades nearby to use abilities that help everyone, like Sparks. To deal damage, the Elf uses spells like Crystal Shard (Crystal Blast) and Wall of Elements (Unstable), but the secondary skill bar is only activated when Osartos needs to keep his distance in combat. Most of the time, the blood is spilling on his face. 


Overload (Power Overload) - Used when the situation gets tough, when health drops quickly, or just to have fun tasting magical power. 

Thanks to Ramon for sending in this detailed build. Remember, we want to see your builds, too! Send them in to

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