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Guild Spotlight – Donnerkeil

Get a closer look at the German guild Donnerkeil in today’s interview.

We continue our series of guild interviews with the German guild Donnerkeil. Read on to find out what they’re all about. If they sound like the guild you’ve been looking for, get in touch with them! Looking to expand your guild or just show the world who you are? Submit your answers to our questions in this thread (don’t forget to include some fun screenshots), and we’ll consider you for an upcoming spotlight.

What is your guild’s name? Does that name have a special history or significance?

We are the guild Donnerkeil (which roughly translates to “Thunderbolt”). Finding our name was actually rather funny. When we wanted to found the guild, we didn’t have a name, but the Tamriel Almanach helped us a lot. We just clicked “Random Page” to look for inspiration. We looked around and knew we’d found our name when we saw the item “Stab des Donnerkeils” (“Staff of Thunderbolts”). We constructed an exciting background story for our guild, which you can find on our website.

When was your guild formed? Tell us the story of how the guild came to be.

Donnerkeil was formed in January 2014 after I (Chufu gro-Khash) could no longer stick with my former hardcore PvP guild due to personal reasons and due to my work with ESO-Schatzsucher as well. I decided to found a casual guild where members are still able to achieve something without being forced to be online on a daily basis. It didn’t take very long to find kindred spirits who also wanted to be a “Donnerkeil.”

What alliance has your guild sworn fealty to?

We’re proud members of the Daggerfall Covenant playing on the EU megaserver.

Why did you choose that alliance?

The Daggerfall Covenant has a very nice and pleasing landscape, and since we mostly consist of Orcs, Bretons, and Redguards, we also wanted to play in their home territories. Don’t worry if you aren’t one of those races, though—we have members of other races as well!

How many members does your guild currently have?

Right now we have 88 members, with at least 10-15 people online daily.

Does your guild have a website?

Of course!

What times and days is the guild most active?

We tend to be after-work and weekend players since many of us either have a family or work keeping us from playing during the daytime. Typically, we’re much more active on weekends.

What countries do your members span?

So far, we’re all German speakers.

What does your guild focus on in-game? Do your members prefer delving dungeons together, fighting for keeps in Cyrodiil, roleplaying in the taverns, crafting and trading, or a combination?

Many of us are real treasure hunters; we love to ride around and level a bit slower. To make up for this, we look for chests and Dark Anchors. Some of us are real master craftsmen already, and we’ve also got lots of entertainment from the many well detailed dungeons, which we complete in normal and Veteran modes. Last but not least, some of us are active in Cyrodiil, where it’s just wonderful to collect Skyshards or attack (and defend) keeps together using guerilla tactics and stealth!

What makes your guild unique?

Well, we have vampires who love to play with fire in dungeons, “tanks” who always jump into AoE damage, and of course “healers” who somehow always seem to do more damage than all the melee and ranged damage dealers together. We’ve simply got the craziest builds and we still have fun!

Is your guild part of a larger alliance of guilds? Why did you join them?

Yes, our guild is part of the Daggerfall Covenant, a PvP alliance. The reason behind this was mainly to allow our PvP fanatics to find a group in Cyrodiil at any time, even if there aren’t enough members online in our guild to form one. The other groups in the alliance are all very friendly and cooperative.

Does your guild ever host special events? If so, tell us about them!

Sometimes, yes. We’ve got quite a few examples:

  • Organized Skyshard events in Cyrodiil
  • Jumped with six people off the “Nose” just for an achievement.
  • Built a boat… well, at least we’ve tried to!
  • Met in Tamriel and brainstormed weird ideas fitting for a guild meeting.
  • Sent the chains of Dark Anchors back into Oblivion together!

We’ve had lots of fun at guild events so far and will certainly do so even more often in the future!

What is your favorite or most memorable moment as a guild so far in ESO?

The most memorable moment was our first meeting in Cyrodiil. We had a photo session and then looked for Skyshards. Our first claimed keep definitely was a highlight, too; we were quite nervous, considering there weren’t many of us there that day and sieging took quite some time. But it was worth it!

Does your guild secretly (or not so secretly) follow a specific Daedric Prince? If so, which one?

No, we’re all for violent storms, as you can tell by our name.

After a long day of adventuring, where does your guild enjoy gathering to wind down?

If we’re not in Cyrodiil or a dungeon, people can typically find us in Shornhelm next to Quillet Bochur, putting our newest treasures and other loot into our bank while talking in our TeamSpeak tavern.

Tell us five fun facts about your guild!

  • Word has it that there’s a Khajiit within our ranks who allowed himself to be mesmerized by Malukah.
  • Our guild bank bristles with worms, critters, and moon sugar.
  • Our guild photo sessions always have one tattooed streaking Imperial.
  • As our name is “Donnerkeil,” there’s almost no one wearing an axe in our guild.
  • One of our Orcs once found a copy of a book about taming lizards in the Alik’r Desert. He tried to catch one as a pet for hours.

If people are interested in joining your guild, who should they contact?

Quite simple: visit us at and place your application in the barracks if you really want to become part of Donnerkeil!

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