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Guild Spotlight – The Cloak and Dagger

Peer into the shadows and meet our newest featured guild.

If you have a predilection for shady dealings and stealthy deeds, you’ll want to take a closer look at today’s featured guild. This band of smooth-talking, lockpicking scoundrels is in it for profit—maybe you have what it takes to join their ranks.

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What is your guild’s name? Does that name have a special history or significance?

Knowing our place in history, and conscious of the fact that we exist during this, the silver age of the Second Era (before the coming of The Gray Fox in ~3E 133 and the formal organization of The Thieves Guild proper), we elected to join together under a banner best characterized by intrigue, secrecy, espionage, mystery, and the acquisition of immeasurable wealth...

The name of our guild is “The Cloak and Dagger.”

When was your guild formed? Tell us the story of how the guild came to be.

Our favorite realm of The Elder Scrolls saga has forever been that which takes place in the shadows. We've always adored the thrill of circumnavigating heavy doors, lethal traps, and ornate locks which lay between ourselves and the “acquisition” of untold riches. It is our considered opinion that nothing surpasses the experience of silently sprinting across the fields and rooftops of Tamriel cloaked in darkness and confident in the knowledge that no bar, bolt, clasp, latch, or lock can keep us from our prize.

When we learned that The Thieves Guild would not be immediately available in The Elder Scrolls Online, rather than letting it dissuade us we resigned ourselves to gathering all those like-minded individuals who would feel its absence as sorely as we knew we would. It was heartening when, merely days after launch, our brothers and sisters began to find one another under the cloak of the Mistress of Shadows. The guild was formed shortly thereafter.

Players from all races, classes, and heraldries have found us, each in their own way, and banded together both to enjoy the game as it is and to look to the horizon in great anticipation of what's yet to come.

What alliance has your guild sworn fealty to?

The Daggerfall Covenant.

Why did you choose that alliance?

Given the current state of the three Alliances, The Cloak and Dagger gravitated toward (and currently makes its home in) the Daggerfall Covenant. Daggerfall was the natural choice, being the most lenient of the three when it comes to law enforcement, and the most... “flexible” when it comes to matters of corruption. That being said, don't trick yourself into thinking that we're relegated to a single Alliance; you should know that we have people everywhere.

How many members does your guild currently have?

We currently stand 190 strong.

Does your guild have a website?

You may learn more about us and apply at:

What times and days is the guild most active?

While we have players online around the clock, our hours of peak activity begin at approximately 9:00 PM EDT each night. Our guild events are scheduled at this time on weekends as well.

What countries do your members span?

The United States, Canada, and Australia.

What activities in ESO do your members enjoy doing together the most?

We are a casual PvX Guild, active in all realms of The Elder Scrolls Online. The diversity of our members is reflected in the scope of our activities. Though we engage primarily in PvE content across all of Tamriel, we count Master Craftsmen of all disciplines among our ranks as well; after all, a thief needs skilled professionals he can rely on.

In addition to this, we recognize that the best chance for free trade (and an imminently corruptible government) to flourish is under the banner of the Daggerfall Convenant. The Aldmeri Dominion is too restrictive and the Ebonheart Pact too unrefined to adequately stimulate the floundering economy of Tamriel to our liking. As such, we do engage in PvP regularly, though we tend to prefer guerrilla hit-and-fade tactics as opposed to marching line abreast toward our enemies. Regardless, we have an interest at stake should the Covenant be threatened, and when that time arises, we act accordingly.

What makes your guild unique?

We are thieves among thieves; our lot is shared. We are keepers of signs and passwords, here without malice or guile. As a band of brigands in the Second Era, we are The Thieves Guild before there was a Thieves Guild. We are dedicated to the gathering and training of those who are stealthy and shadowy in nature. 

We're a raucous, fun-loving band of thieves who revel in all manners of mirth we can find.

Does your guild ever host special events? If so, tell us about them!

We currently hold a wide variety of weekly events; these include a Cyrodiil Skyshard Run, where we take new or young players out into the wilds to gather as many Skyshards as we can; 'The Elder Scrolls' Tavern Trivia, where trivia questions are asked in guild chat, with gold being awarded for each correct answer and special prizes bonuses (Motifs, an epic weapon of the player’s choice, etc.); our Cyrodiil Tavern Brawl, which is our regular PvP event; and now our Craglorn Invasion, where we foray into Craglorn with the intent of touring all of the points of interest in the new Adventure Zone!

What is your favorite or most memorable moment as a guild so far in ESO?

Our most recent hallmark moment occurred during one of our excursions into Cyrodiil on June 16th. We all traveled to Cyrodiil individually, meeting at a predetermined rendezvous, and proceeded to travel southward with the initial target of the Dominion Keep, Castle Faregyl. Apparently our target of opportunity didn't coincide with the misplaced chivalry inherent to the rest of the Daggerfall players present in the Campaign at the time, as they all berated us for attacking an alliance in such a "weakened” state.

An hour or so later, it became evident that our ardent critics, under the direction of our own Emperor no less, had chosen to lay siege to the Ebonheart Pact stronghold of Arrius Keep in northeastern Cyrodiil. Being the patriotic, duty-minded individuals we are, we elected to pay them a visit. As we closed in on Arrius Keep, it became clear that our detractors-in-arms had arrived at an impasse. They'd breached the outer wall and the walls of the keep itself, but were locked in a stalemate with the Pact, who in response had erected siege weapons inside their keep and were returning fire into the courtyard. No one could gain an advantage, as the no-man’s-land between the two forces was a kill zone.

Then The Cloak & Dagger arrived.

The addition of a pack of screaming Cloaks tipped the scale in favor of Daggerfall, and in one fell swoop we were all able to storm the keep, neutralize the defenders, and seize the flags, winning the fort for the Covenant.

Encouraged by our brazen acts and our victory, we continued marauding eastward to Farragut Keep. The Ebonheart Pact, seemingly broken by their defeat at Arrius, offered negligible resistance. Farragut quickly fell into Daggerfall hands as well.

As the red banners of the Pact were cut from the rafters in Farragut, the fortified gate to the east, the Gate of Ghartok, fell open.

Clearly intending to seize the opportunity for themselves, our Emperor and the same Daggerfall players who had been opposed to our siege of the Aldmeri Castle at Faregyl (but had registered no complaints when we arrived to reinforce their own failed attack at Arrius) began marching toward the gate with intent to assault the Elder Scroll Temple of Ghartok and seize the scroll for themselves.

We weren't about to let that stand.

We kept pace with the other group, and we all arrived at the Elder Scroll Temple of Ghartok in unison. While preparing to assault the temple proper, I made it known that I would award a bounty of 20,000 gold coins to the first thief to lay hands on the scroll, effectively stealing it out from under the scrutinizing eyes of our critics.

The attack commenced. The blades and staves of the Daggerfall Covenant clashed with those of the Ebonheart Pact in a furious melee. Fire, ice, arrows, and magic clouded the air, travelling in both directions, but despite the resistance we pushed forward. All of the combatants reached the yawning portcullises of the Temple, where inside we could see the Aedric glow of the Elder Scroll of Ghartok emanating from a pedestal. A deadly race ensued as both our Cloaks and the other Covenant players charged inside, each bearing the determination to claim the scroll for themselves in equal measure.

I was held fast at one of the Temple entrances in combat with a Pact mender when I heard excited yelling rising over the din of the fray.

The Cloak and Dagger had stolen the Elder Scroll of Ghartok.

Filled with equal parts elation and disbelief, we stumbled toward our brother and his ill-gotten prize to defend them both from the Pact onslaught and the greedy fingers of our rivals. We enveloped him, and in a flash we were out of the Temple and back on the Imperial road toward the Gate of Ghartok. Our destination: Fort Aleswell, comfortable under the "protection" of The Cloak and Dagger.

Our escort and victory parade (with pursuers from the other groups among us, hot on our heels) was cut short just past the Gate of Ghartok when, to our collective horror, the Internet Gods chose to punish our scroll-bearer for some sin he'd committed in the past by causing his ESO client to lose connection. He announced the disconnect in voice chat, but no sooner had he said he'd dropped it, than another officer of the guild appeared to scoop the Elder Scroll back up with the speed of a Master Thief, resuming the run. I'm still not certain if that scroll ever touched the ground. He carried our prize the rest of the way back to Fort Aleswell where the man who'd robbed our naysayers of their trophy re-joined us to celebrate.

Watch our scroll-bearer's run here!

Does your guild secretly (or not so secretly) follow a specific Daedric Prince? If so, which one?

There isn't a thief alive who at one time or another hasn't secretly thanked Nocturnal for the depth of night in which they hide.

After a long day of adventuring, where does your guild enjoy gathering to wind down?

As a guild of thieves, we have no one location where we congregate, though you may frequently hear whispers in the dark alleys of Daggerfall or see me distributing ill-gotten gains in The Rosy Lion tavern there.

Tell us five fun facts about your guild!

  • We follow the three rules of The Thieves' Guild (do you remember what they are?).
  • We engage in all realms of play in The Elder Scrolls Online and encourage our members to play how they like (while there are some rules, what merry band of misfits forfeits fun?).
  • Our guild events encourage friendly competition and cooperation among our members (with a healthy dose of gold on the side!).
  • Our members aren't relegated to Nightblades—our members play all classes and all alliances as well.
  • We have a lot of plans for the future in anticipation of the release of the Justice System and The Thieves Guild content, our bread and butter (Ask me about The Thieves' Challenge)!

If people are interested in joining your guild, who should they contact?

Interested parties may reach out to myself, @Narathen, or visit our website to apply:

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