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Guild Spotlight – Museum

We present another excellent French guild in this week’s spotlight.

Meet Museum, a roleplaying-focused French guild that may just be the perfect fit for you. Find out how they were established and what they’re all about in our interview below. Do you think your guild should be in the spotlight? Make sure to post in this thread with your interview answers (and include screenshots) and we’ll take a look! Here’s Museum:

What is your guild’s name? Does it have a special history or significance?

Our guild is called Museum (although Latin is not quite lore-friendly). I chose that name according to our objectives and our roleplay-oriented attitude.

When was your guild formed? Tell us the story of how the guild came to be.

Non-roleplay version: our guild was established on March 30th on the first day of ESO’s early access because I wanted to create and bring adventure RP to all interested roleplayers.

Roleplay version: our guild was established around the year 550 of our current era. It was founded by the Imperial Cassius Orius. Gathering adventurers on the way, he travelled all of Tamriel for 15 years to collect treasures, artifacts, and other legends of the past. His demise while exploring Dwemer ruins in Morrowind brought about the end of his dream.

My character decided to revive this guild after a roleplaying campaign with other players. His goal was to explore all ruins and discover obscure secrets and legendary artifacts, all with the intent to unearth the hidden truths behind every myth.

What alliance has your guild sworn fealty to?

The Aldmeri Dominion.

Why did you choose that alliance?

To promote roleplay in the Dominion. Before release, the Pact and the Covenant seemed to bear the majority of RP players and guilds. The Dominion was lagging behind, and I took a chance on creating the guild there. This doesn’t stop some of us from having characters in other factions, all for the sake of roleplay and inter-faction relationships in Cyrodiil.

How many members does your guild currently have?

13 at the moment, but we often stage out RP events open to non-affiliated players and other guilds. During the latest campaign, we gathered nearly 30 roleplayers.

Does your guild have a website?

And a forum, which is a crucial element of communication:

What times and days is the guild most active?

In the evening (in Europe) and on the weekend, because all our members work.

What countries do your members span?

We only have French players, even though one of them lives in Germany.

What do your members enjoy doing together the most?

Roleplaying. Even though we still dally with other activities, roleplaying is our raison d’être. PvE and dungeons allow us to discover new locales, which we explore, PvP is a chance to roleplay cross-faction feuds with other guilds, and crafting allows us to wear stylish outfits (civilian clothes, practice clothes, adventuring clothes, etc.)—and sometimes, we create for ourselves the treasures which will be discovered through roleplaying.

What is your favorite activity when you gather in-game? Pillaging dungeons, breaking into forts in Cyrodiil, trading and roleplaying in taverns, or working on your guild craftsmanship and business?

Our obvious preference goes to roleplaying, as all of us in Museum are roleplayers. But while taverns are ideal to connect with other RP guilds and players, we mostly gather in the outdoors. There are too many caves and ruins to explore to stay locked up in a tavern!

What makes your guild unique?

Its activity. We offer outdoor roleplaying and progress in the story quests so as to better enjoy the environments. Through the guidance of our GM, we get fully involved in the current event. We go through dungeons, ruins, and caves, from city to city, from region to region. We go wherever our GM decides to take us for roleplaying campaigns.

We also play with the idea that each and every piece of made-up knowledge we might discover in our adventures will be destroyed and forgotten in the throes of the war that Emperor Tiber Septim will wage at the end of the Second Era, so as not to mess up the preexisting lore established in the other Elder Scrolls games (many of us are fans).

Is your guild part of a larger alliance of guilds? Why did you join them?

The French roleplaying community is scarce; we have no choice but to keep good relationships with each other. Otherwise, we would all wind up playing alone, which would be kind of sad in an MMO. We participate in other guilds’ events as they do in ours. We work together to bring an enjoyable experience to all players. Which brings us to play on a regular basis with guilds La Plume Aldmeri and La Serre de Vulkhel.

Does your guild ever host special events? If so, tell us about them!

Yes, we organize events and even campaigns (several events along one scripted story) all in the name of roleplaying.

The latest campaign was called “Moons of the Khajiit”. It aimed to gather the whole guild in a massive, worldwide event, and also to provide a narrative. After events I (the GM) orchestrated, our characters wound up chasing a Khajiit assassin named Shunari to stop her from gathering a series of figures with which she would activate a device controlling the Lattice.

Over the course of several weeks, we played through several RP events to find her trail and defeat the Khajiit.

Obviously, this is a gross simplification. Things grew complicated at some points. If you want to know more, here is the link to a complete retelling of the campaign, along with all related events.

What is your favorite or most memorable moment as a guild so far in ESO?

Probably the last fight against that same Khajiit assassin, in the final event of the founding campaign. If the GM is worth his salt, roleplaying can provide immense challenges. The fight was ten against one Khajiit, and lasted almost a whole IRL hour, yet everybody was on the edge the whole time: GM, characters, and especially players. Our characters fought until they could not stand anymore, and three were injured, one quite badly.

Does your guild secretly (or not so secretly) follow a specific Daedric Prince? If so, which one?

Our members are allowed to follow any religion, Divines or Daedra; the guild does not care. Nor do we as a guild officially follow a specific deity.

After a long day of adventuring, where does your guild enjoy gathering to wind down?

Some go take a break on the beaches of Auridon, but most would rather enjoy a hearty roast and a pint. Adventuring is hungry and thirsty work!

Tell us five fun facts about your guild!

1. Feuds and death threats are common (“Hospitality” can take on a broad sense within the guild).
2. We have the only one-armed Khajiit in all of Tamriel, and he became our official mascot.
3. Between the dice rolls and other players’ acts, the GM’s main character almost died a few times in his own events.
4. In addition to regular Dominion troops, our guild has two Breton women and one Orc … well, they're not so much members as pets. We don’t really want to be seen with them in public. I’m sure you understand!
5. We learned the hard way that it’s sometimes not safe to open chests near some members. The sound of lockpicks apparently has a weird effect, and those chests can be quite addictive.

If people are interested in joining your guild, who should they contact?

The easiest way is though the forum, at least to get to know each other. Then we can stage a roleplaying meet and greet. If you’re going to have a roleplaying guild, recruitment has to follow suit.

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