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The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #17

Tour the latest creative works, articles, podcasts, and more from ESO fans around the web.

We’re back with a fresh collection of links to all kinds of ESO fan creations. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we did! As always, we’re looking for links to add to upcoming issues, so if you have a favorite ESO fansite or ESO-inspired creation, make sure to share it with us at

Fan Art

We’re always inspired by the talent of ESO fan artists. Take a look at some recent works, and don’t forget to visit our official ESO Tumblr page for more!

Orc Male & FemaleBy Shanku on Tamriel Foundry


Aloucia the Wood Elf Art and character by Aloucia on TESO-RP

Knilfel the Wood Elf – Art by Seithe, character by Hexzerro on TESO-RP

Fan Fiction

Journey to Tamriel through the eyes of other ESO fans.

A Game of Chance: Chapter 5By Iogairn on TESOF

The cooking by the fire in the old mining village. Old Nana telling stories to the other young children. Papa soothing mother, in her late stages of pregnancy, with his calm Reachman accent. A blackbird circles overhead. Iogairn was stroking the cat. It didn't have a name. It was just 'the cat'. Suddenly the cooking fire envelops the village. The cat leaps out of his arms and flees. Iogairn realised then that the bird was not a blackbird. It was a crow. It went straight for his mother.

The Brawler – By Do’Rakk on TESOF

“You’re so slow Ja’Rakh! Ha ha ha! OOF!”

“Behave yourself young cubs, we are expecting guests.” Dro’Brahi was the steward of the house. He was a kind old Khajiit, though tended to be stern with Ja’Rakhar and his brother J’urabi. The cubs took to calling the old cat “Whiskers.” His many years showed through his silver fur, and under certain light, his whiskers seemed to shimmer as if made of crystals. “Now come along you troublemakers,” he said, “we must get you ready for your father’s company.”

[Daniyah] The Temerity of Youth By Dyna on TESO-RP

Daniyah gripped her spear with pale knuckles, her heart somewhere in her throat as she stared straight ahead, motionless – outwardly, she was calm as a still lake on a cloudless day. But beneath the surface of her apparent indifference, she was roiling and frustrated.

Fan Music

Listen to these excellent fan compositions, inspired by The Elder Scrolls Online:

Battle of the AlliancesBy AndyBeatz

Ready and ArmedBy Tristan Sydni

Summerset IslesBy Matthew Shine

New ESO Fansites

The Black Horse Courier is a new fan-run community site, dedicated to bringing you the latest news for both the Elder Scrolls series and The Elder Scrolls Online. They have an official art gallery, book of the week, a mailing list you can join, and more. Drop by and check them out!

News and Articles

Get the latest news, info, and editorials from ESO fan site writers:

Elder Scrolls Off the Record


Tamriel Foundry

TESO Elite


Podcasts and Videocasts

Hear fansite personalities discuss all things ESO:


Elder Scrolls Off the Record

Force Strategy Gaming




TESO Elite




Question of the Week Answers

We’ve gathered up some of your answers to last week’s Developer Question of the Week. Watch the video to see the full question, and look for a new Developer Question of the Week this Thursday.

  • "My first game was Oblivion. My older brothers were huge fans of Morrowind. Morrowind was too complex for me at the time and I could never get into it. When Oblivion came out, my brothers were incredibly excited and even made me want to play it. Oblivion in itself was much simpler and easier to play. However since the day I played Oblivion that first time, I was drawn into that fantasy world of spells, creatures, armor, and swords. I have always been a fan and enjoyed all of the games thoroughly. However, the one thing that had always rattled in my mind was ‘What if I could play Oblivion, Morrowind, and Skyrim with my friends?’ In my opinion, ESO is just the next Elder Scrolls, but Online."  – By Alex Zubarev
  • "The very first Elder Scrolls game I played was Daggerfall. When my family and I would go visit my grandparents who had a computer, my cousin had just bought this new game. The cover art was pretty creepy to me, and the game its self was scarier than Doom. We installed it and I watched him play for a while but he eventually got distracted and left, leaving me to make my own character, which was the beginning of my love affair with the series. I remember long, long nights of playing with my handy dandy notebook at the ready, jotting down all the info I needed for the quests, all the while hearing my parents yell ‘GET OUT OF THAT ROOM, IT’S SUPPER TIME AND YOU HAVEN’T EATEN SINCE BREAKFAST’ and receiving my reply ‘THERE’S FOOD IN THE GAME!’"  – By Perry J Ross
  • "My first game was Skyrim. Everyone was going crazy over the game when it came out and I didn't understand why because I had never even heard of Elder Scrolls until Skyrim. My friends kept telling me to buy it, but I told them I wasn't gonna conform. I unexpectedly got 50 bucks from a family member and thought, ‘Well, I guess I could try it,’ even though I could've bought other games I wanted. As soon as I realized how much of an open world game it was I was hooked." – By Mykale-Jamal Cortez Holland
  • "Morrowind was my first.  What drew me in?  The ability to get lost.  The awesome feeling of finally finding the dungeon I was supposed to go to after an hour of looking for it.  The power of my determination to complete the dungeon with what supplies I had brought with me.  The constant wondering whether I took the right path to the town up the road or if I'll instead end up somewhere completely different (this was how I first found a lot of the coolest locales in Morrowind)."  – By Matt Daubaras
  • "My first Elder Scrolls game was Oblivion. A friend of mine let me play it on his 360 and I instantly was mesmerized and hooked! I bought the game for myself then the expansions afterward. Looking back on Oblivion and Skyrim, I always wondered, ‘Man this would be sweet if I could play with my brothers or friends online,’ and before I finished the thought you guys announced ESO!" – By Joseph Henry

We hope you enjoyed all the fan creations and news in this week’s issue of The Tamriel Chronicle. We’ll be back next week with more!

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