The Elder Scrolls Online

QuakeCon 2013 – Le résumé

Beaucoup d’attention a été portée à The Elder Scrolls Online durant la Quakecon, n’en ratez rien. Ne ratez pas non plus l’enregistrement de notre démonstration !

La QuakeCon a été un événement vraiment bien afin de rencontrer tous les fans venus nous dire bonjour et cela a également été l’occasion pour nous d’organiser un premier streaming en direct sur Twitch. Si vous avez raté le direct, ne vous inquiétez pas, tout a bien été enregistré et le vidage de donjon peut être vu et revu. De plus, en marge de cette démonstration, les médias spécialisés nord-américains ont eu l’occasion de tester eux-mêmes ESO et voici une sélection d’articles qui pourraient vous intéresser ! 


CVG – “Like Skyrim, the world begs exploration and rewards you for doing so. It feels lived in. Every person has a name, everything you kill (rats and cows aside) a story.”

Den of Geek – “Although it’s not slated for release until next year, The Elder Scroll Online is looking pretty good already, and is certainly attempting to keep the series' feel without sacrificing the depth we've come to expect.”

EGM – “In the end, I was amazed that the two hours I had with the game flew by as quickly as they did. It’s obviously hard to get a serious taste of what an MMO has to offer after only a few hours, but I like what I’ve seen so far.”

Game Chatter – “ESO looks amazing.  This is better than any MMO that I have played.  The land, buildings, NPCs all look incredible.  The movement of your character is fluid, even in combat.”

Gamefront – “One aspect that went unmentioned — but that I noted — was that, despite Sage mentioning that the viewpoint player was fairly high level, there was only one hotbar on screen, with only eight abilities on it. Oddly enough, this may be the “feature” that most excites me about TESO — it won’t be ‘Hotbar Manager 2014.’”

Gameranx The world of Tamriel looks amazing and the attention to detail is mind-blowing.” – “There’s very few online games that have the potential to be as big as World of Warcraft, but I think The Elder Scrolls Online is one of them.”

IGN – “Everything in ESO makes sense in a way typical MMOs don’t.” 

Machinima: Inside Gaming Daily – “I’ve turned from a total skeptic to one of the players that will be knocking at the gates on launch night.”

MMORPG – “All in all the world felt very alive and familiar to me. And it made me very happy that it was so familiar and what I expected.”

Platform Nation – “Seeing and not just guessing where such attacks were coming in from definitely put a focus on movement, which is a nice change from standing there and clicking until RSI set in.”

Polygon – “There's a truly unprecedented amount of customization — for an MMORPG, at least — to be found.”

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