Become an ESO Plus™ Member

Become an ESO Plus member to unlock VIP perks, including full access to all DLC game packs in the Crown Store, 1500 monthly crowns to spend on in-game items, unlimited storage for crafting materials, and loads of additional bonuses.

Member Benefits

DLC Game Packs
Full access to all DLC game packs1
More Crafting Storage
Unlimited storage for crafting materials2
Free Crowns
1500 crowns per month for mounts, pets, & more3
Extra Bank Space
Double Bank space for your account
More Gold & XP
10% increase to Gold & Experience acquisition1
Bonus to Crafting
10% increase to Crafting Inspiration & Trait Research rates1
More Furniture Space
Double Furnishings & Collectibles space in player housing
Costume Dyeing
Exclusive ability to dye costumes
Transmutation Crystals
Double currency cap for Transmutation Crystals

¹Access to DLC game packs available in the Crown Store and character progression bonuses available for the duration of membership. Any progress made using the progression bonuses during the time of membership will remain. ²In the event your ESO Plus membership expires, you'll still be able to access any resources stored in your Craft Bag; you just won't be able to add new materials to it. 3Total Crown allotment will be delivered at the time of purchase. To add an ESO Plus membership to a console account, please log in to the PlayStation®Store or Xbox Games Store from the appropriate console and visit the ESO page. PC/Mac players can sign up or make changes to their membership by visiting the ESO account management page. For more information on ESO Plus™, click here.