The Elder Scrolls Online

Video: Blacksmithing in Tamriel

Heads up, crafters! Find out more about how crafting will fit into your adventures in The Elder Scrolls Online.

There are tons of opportunities for crafters to flourish in ESO. You can learn to create helpful food and drink items with provisioning, fashion enchantments for gear, brew potions using alchemy, and forge and improve weapons and armor of all sorts with smithing, our most involved skill. There's so much to crafting that one video won't contain it all, so we want to show you how being a blacksmith (who can create metal armor and weapons, just one of the three smithing skills) will augment your journeys, from exploration and gathering materials all the way to producing a special piece of armor.

Enjoy the video and be on the lookout for more detailed information about crafting skills in ESO!

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