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ESO Community Spotlight—Community-Made Websites


Discover some of the amazing community-made and -run websites created for those looking to get the most out of The Elder Scrolls Online!

The ESO community is incredible at supporting each other with streams, video guides and articles, and in-game Guilds, but they also create amazing websites that cover a wide variety of topics, including item sets, housing, costumes and outfits, roleplaying, and mods. If you’re looking for some great community-made websites to help you get the most out of the game, you can see some (but not all!) of our favorites below.


A one-stop shop for PC/Mac players, you can find everything you need when it comes to mods at ESO UI. This includes mods to help change up your UI, manage abilities and inventory, and even assist with your home decorating. 


If you’re looking to join a roleplaying community, you can find it at ESO RP. At this site, you can discuss ESO and roleplaying, read and share fiction and fan art, find community RP events, join an RP guild and, of course, roleplay!

ESO Sets

Alcast and Woeler worked together to build this massive database of all the different gear sets you can find in the game, providing links to relevant guides and builds. If you’re trying to find out how to best gear up your characters, this is a great place to start!

Lovely North’s ESO Furniture Emporium

Featuring a massive catalogue of ESO’s furnishing items and detailed guides, Lovely North’s site is great if you’re looking for the perfect item to complete your home.

ESO Housing

Another team-up from Woeler and Alcast, but this time, they’ve created their own database for all of ESO’s furnishings and how to find / craft them.

ESO Fashion

Everybody knows that Elder Scrolls fashion is endgame, and you can browse different looks submitted by your fellow ESO players on the ESO Fashion website. Each listing documents the different styles used, and you can even submit your own looks for consideration! 


ESO-Skillfactory allows you to create and share your character builds. If you’re looking to find a new build, or just want to show off your latest creation, this is the site for you.


In addition to the sites above, there’s also a host of amazing community-run wikis you should check out:

  • UESP (The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages)—Online for almost 25 years (and still going strong), UESP remains a fantastic resource for The Elder Scrolls and The Elder Scrolls Online information, particularly if you’re interested in the lore of Tamriel.
  • The Imperial Library—Also over 20 years old, the Imperial Library is a massive, well, library of all the lore books, texts, and documents from the Elder Scrolls series.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Wiki (Fextralife)—Dedicated to all aspects of The Elder Scrolls Online, this wiki also provides regular original content and video guides perfect for new and veteran players alike.
  • The Elder Scrolls Wiki (FANDOM)—Featuring tons of pages outlining ESO’s quests (including walkthroughs), characters, zones, items, and more, this wiki is a great site to check out if you’re looking for help in your ESO adventures.

This is, of course, just a small sample of some of the amazing community-made ESO websites available online right now. If you’ve created or enjoyed an ESO-themed website that you think the rest of the community would love, please share it with us on Twitter @TESOnlineInstagram, and Facebook!

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