Get the Imperial City DLC Free & Earn Bonus Rewards During the Celebration Event


Take the fight to the heart of the Empire during the Imperial City Celebration Event and you can acquire the DLC game pack free from the in-game Crown Store while earning bonus rewards!

Control the Capital

The Imperial Celebration Event begins on Thursday, September 5, at 3:00PM BST and runs until Monday, September 16, at 3:00PM BST.

To take part in the “liberation” of the Imperial City, you must first own the Imperial City DLC game pack or have access to it via ESO Plus™ membership. Lucky for you, beginning in tandem with the event, this DLC game pack will be completely free! That’s right, from now on (and for the foreseeable future), you can acquire the Imperial City DLC game pack for zero crowns from the DLC section of the Crown Store. This includes access to the Imperial City zone and story, including the sewers, city districts, and both the White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison dungeons.

In addition to this, we’re also putting the Imperial City Collector’s Bundle on sale in the in-game Crown Store for 3,000 crowns.

The Imperial City Collector’s Bundle

The Imperial City Collector’s Bundle includes the Mind-Shriven Horse mount, the Mind-Shriven skin, the Daedrat pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls in addition to the DLC game pack itself.

To enter the city, open your Alliance War menu, select the Imperial City category, choose either a Champion Point or non-Champion Point server, and select “Enter Campaign.”

Loot the Imperial City

As you explore, quest, and battle throughout the Imperial City, you’ll earn bonus rewards for many of the DLC’s activities, including:

  • Double the amount of Tel Var Stones dropped from all monsters
  • Double the chance of picking up either the Stonefire Scamp pet or the Soul-Shriven skin
  • Double the amount of Key Fragments
  • Double the amount of materials dropped by Trove Scamps
  • Double Tel Var Stones from sacks obtained from Cunning Scamps
  • Double the amount of drops from bosses (including within the Imperial City itself and its dungeons)

Free the capital from the Daedric influence and earn bonus rewards

You can earn these rewards by participating in all aspects of the Imperial City DLC, including the sewers, city districts, and dungeons.

Acquire Event Tickets

During the Imperial City Celebration Event, you can earn new Event Tickets by completing the following activities:

  • Defeating the final boss of either the Imperial City Prison dungeon or White-Gold Tower dungeon


  • Slaying a patrolling monster in the Imperial City streets or mini-boss within the Imperial City sewers.

When completing one of the above activities, you’ll earn two Event Tickets per day. The Imperial City Celebration Event is your first opportunity to acquire the Onyx Berries of Growth for 10 Event Tickets from the Impresario vendor. When you combine this berry with the other three from the other Q3 events (one still to be announced!), you can evolve your Nascent Indrik mount into the Onyx Indrik.

The majestic Onyx Indrik mount

In addition to Indrik berries and feathers, the Impresario will also trade the following items for Event Tickets:

  • A selection of Imperial- and Daedric-themed Furnishings
  • The Stonefire Scamp pet
  • The Soul-Shriven skin

Fight in the Shadow of the White-Gold Tower

Besieged by monstrous Daedra and under constant assault from the three Alliances, now is the time to storm the Imperial City and make your claim to the Ruby Throne. Don’t forget, once the event begins on Thursday, September 5, the Imperial City DLC will be free in the in-game Crown Store! Are you planning to invade the capital during the upcoming Celebration Event? Let us know on @TESOnlineInstagram, or Facebook!

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