#TamrielTogether—ESO’s Group Activities


Looking to take on some of ESO's group content? Whether you're new, returning to Tamriel from adventures afar, or want to make new friends, get the lowdown on some of the game’s group adventures with this #TamrielTogether guide.

Public Dungeons

Packed full of large groups of challenging enemies and bosses, we recommend you bring a friend or two when exploring a Public Dungeon. Anybody can join these large PvE spaces, so you’ll often see other players battling their way through—why not team up?

Work together to clear Public Dungeons

Within a Public Dungeon, you’ll find gear associated with the zone, but keep an eye out for other unique rewards, as many also have their own Achievements and collectibles associated with their completion, too. Almost every zone has a Public Dungeon, such as Labyrinthian within Western Skyrim, and you can find them on your map.

Group Dungeons

Group Dungeons are special four-player locations that contain challenging boss battles and powerful monsters that require teamwork and communication to complete.

When you enter a Group Dungeon, it’s instanced to your group, meaning it’s up to you and your party only. Each location has its own unique armor sets, Achievements, and collectibles as rewards, giving you plenty of reasons to return again and again.

Teamwork is required for a Group Dungeon boss

You can complete Group Dungeons in both Normal or Veteran difficulties—depending on how much you wish to challenge you and your team. You can find over 20 Group Dungeons in the base game, but many more are within ESO’s DLC game packs, such as Stonethorn’s Castle Thorn or Stone Garden. The easiest way to find a Group Dungeon is to use the Group & Activity Finder UI within your menus.


Trials are similar to Group Dungeons, but require 12 players to complete and feature even tougher groups of monsters and boss battles. Only a coordinated and well-organized group of players can take on a Trial, and those who step up to the challenge can earn unique item sets, Achievements, and collectibles as rewards.

As with Group Dungeons, you can attempt Trials in Normal and Veteran difficulties. Each has its own leaderboard, with greater rewards going to those who take on the greater challenge. Three Trials are in the ESO base game, with four additional ones found in Chapters (such as Kyne’s Aegis in Western Skyrim or the Halls of Fabrication in Vvardenfell) and the Clockwork City and Thieves Guild DLCs. You can find them on the map.

Group Arenas

ESO also features Group Arenas. In these four-player challenges, you and your team usually move from arena to arena and face increasingly difficult waves of monsters and boss battles. ESO currently features two arenas: Dragonstar Arena (found in the ESO base game) and Blackrose Prison (part of the Murkmire DLC).

Face threat after threat in Group Arenas together

Just as challenging as Group Dungeons (maybe more!), you can also complete Group Arenas in Normal and Veteran difficulties, and they each have their own unique set of rewards and leaderboards, too. You can find Group Arenas on your map.

Zone Challenges

Each zone in ESO has its own challenges that you can complete solo, but are generally best tackled with allies.

  • World Bosses—Powerful individuals or groups of enemies that have uniquely challenging mechanics, such as Western Skyrim’s Skreg the Undefeatable or Vvardenfell’s hunger, Wuyuvus.  
  • World Events—Large-scale events that spawn multiple enemies in an ever-escalating race. Examples include Dark Anchors in the ESO base game or Harrowstorms in the Greymoor Chapter’s Western Skyrim and Blackreach.


If you enjoy battling your fellow players, you can take your group into ESO’s Battlegrounds, allowing you to face other groups of players in games of Team Deathmatch, Capture the Relic, Crazy King, and more.

Take on other teams of players in Battlegrounds

Like other group activities, Battlegrounds have their own Achievements, leaderboards, and rewards associated with them, including Alliance Points and unique style pages. To join a Battleground, use the Group & Activity Finder tool in your UI.

Alliance War & Imperial City

If you’re interested in large-scale warfare, you can join hundreds of players as they battle to control the heart of Tamriel in the Alliance War. The Alliance War sees members of the three alliances engage in open warfare in the region of Cyrodiil, capturing towns and keeps, controlling Elder Scrolls, and rising to claim the title of Emperor.

Form a war party to capture keeps in Cyrodiil

You can join your fellow players in this massive PvP zone by visiting the Alliance War menu from your UI. Simply select a campaign and queue to join. If you’re up for the challenge, you can even enter the Imperial City and fight in the streets! Once you’re in Cyrodiil, you can go it alone if you like, but we recommend reaching out to your fellow warriors to form a large group—those walls won’t batter themselves down!

Group Up for Adventure

Of course, these are just some of the things you can do together in ESO, and every day we see the community come up with all kinds of fun group activities for their friends and guildies, including hosting housing competitions, roleplaying events, fashion shows, and many more. There’s a massive, living world to explore in The Elder Scrolls Online, and it’s a world that is all the more exciting when shared, so get out there and experience Tamriel together.

#TamrielTogether is ESO’s end-of-year promotion, celebrating all the ways the ESO community jointly experiences the world of Tamriel. Keep an eye out for more #TamrielTogether articles in the future to read additional tips and tricks on how to enjoy ESO’s group content. Don’t forget, during this period you can also participate in in-game events, share your stories of camaraderie using the #TamrielTogether hashtag via @TESOnlineInstagram, and Facebook, and sign up for our massive sweepstakes—have fun!

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