Community Guides – Markarth & U28 Special


If you’re eager to dive into the Markarth DLC and Update 28, check out these community-made guides and get the most out of your adventures in the Reach.

Beginner’s Guides

ESO-Hub—Markarth DLC U28—What’s New and What Changed

For a breakdown of everything coming to ESO with the update and DLC, check out this in-depth guide on the new ESO-Hub website!


Miss Bizz—Item Sets Collection Preview

Miss Bizz breaks down the new U28 Item Sets Collection system and how it works.


Lucky Ghost—Every Free Personality and How to Earn Them!

If you want to spice up your characters with new personalities, check out this quick guide from Lucky Ghost.


ESO Roleplaying Community—Markarth Roleplaying Guide

Markarth and the Reach is a great setting for some RP adventures. Check out this guide from veteran ESO roleplayers for information and tips on how you can get started.


Advanced Guides

Alcast—Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena Guide

Keen to take on ESO’s newest solo challenge? Alcast has you covered with his detailed guide.


ArzyeL Gaming—Veteran Vateshran Hollows Arena Guide

Here’s another great written guide to the new solo arena from ArzyeL with tons of information on each area and its challenges.


NefasQS—Pierce Armor vs Ransack: Which Is Better Now?

Nefas breaks down the U28 changes and compares the Puncture ability’s morphs, Pierce Armor and Ransack.



Xynode Gaming—The Lich PvE Magicka Necromancer

Xynode has updated his all-round fun Lich build for U28 and Markarth!


Brah We Got This—EASY Dragonknight TANK build

If you’re looking for an easy-to-play DK tank build, check out this new build from Brah.


Hack the Minotaur—Stamina Warden PvE DPS Bow Build

Let the arrows fly with this Markarth-updated and easy-to-play bow build from Hack!


Luciddreamer—The “Secret” Stamina Nightblade Build

This nasty vampire Stamblade build makes use of the Swamp Raider set (found in Shadowfen) to heavily buff poison and disease damage.


Skinny Cheeks Gaming—Stamina Templar PvE Guide

Keen to get the most out of your Stamplar? Skinny Cheeks outlines three Markarth-ready builds for you to try.


Thanks to all the incredible ESO content creators who put together the above guides and builds. Don’t forget, if you’ve enjoyed or crafted an ESO guide you think the #ESOFam would love, be sure to share it with us via @TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

The Dark Heart of Skyrim epic adventure concludes with the Markarth DLC game pack and Update 28, now live on PC/Mac and Stadia* and coming November 9 for Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

*Available only in limited territories.

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