Watch Nicole Savoy & Rich Lambert Showcase ESO’s Toughest PvE Challenges


The World Plays ESO marches on with two special streams from pro wrestler Nicole Savoy and ESO’s Creative Director Rich Lambert.

ESO’s Trials and Solo Arenas are some of the game’s most-challenging PvE experiences, and we’re very happy to feature both this week with special streams from pro wrestler and ESO superfan Nicole Savoy and our own Creative Director Rich Lambert.

Kicking things off this Thursday, July 15 at 10PM BST on Nicole Savoy and her guilds Raged Defiance and Sap and Fury will tackle ESO’s latest Trial, Rockgrove, and push back the invading Daedric cult. Only recently introduced with the Blackwood Chapter, Rockgrove is no easy task, even for veteran PvE guilds--watch out for that lava!

Next, this Friday, July 16 at 10PM BST on (his own channel!) we’ve challenged ESO’s own Creative Director Rich Lambert to tackle the game’s two Solo Arenas, Maelstrom Arena and Vateshran Hollows. Rich is no stranger to ESO’s dangerous arenas, so get ready for a show from one of the best.

A part of The World Plays ESO, both streams will have special giveaways and Twitch Drops enabled, so don’t miss these two special streams this coming Thursday and Friday. Finally, don’t forget to check out all the streams we’re running as part of The World Plays ESO on our official website—we’re just getting started!

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