Watch the ESO Community Team Explore Blackwood with Xbox!  


ESO Community Managers Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno are hosted by TheMavShow on for a special Blackwood World Plays ESO adventure!

It’s the final week of the massive World Plays ESO promotion, and we’re thrilled to team up with @TheMavShow from Xbox for a special Blackwood Chapter stream. Kicking off this Wednesday, August 18 at 10:30pm BST on, together, we’ll explore the wilds of Blackwood and take on its many challenges, including delves, world bosses, Oblivion Portals, and more. The forces of Mehrunes Dagon won’t know what hit them!

As part of The World Plays ESO, you could earn Twitch Drops simply by watching, and the team will be running some giveaways throughout the show that include a chance to win a Pink Torchbug pet or a copy of The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood.

This special stream begins this Wednesday, August 18 at 10:30pm BST on—don’t miss it!

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