Return to Vvardenfell & Earn Bonus Rewards During the Morrowind Celebration Event


Explore the home of the Dark Elves during the Morrowind Celebration Event and you can earn additional rewards for dailies, Event Tickets, and more!

Under the Shadow of Red Mountain

The Morrowind Celebration Event begins on Thursday, February 7 at 10:00AM EST and will run until Monday, February 18 at 10:00AM EST. During this time, as you explore the island of Vvardenfell, you’ll earn double the rewards for certain activities, including:

  • Double drops from resource nodes
    • Including Jewelry seams, but does not include nodes spawned from Survey Reports and Fishing Holes
  • Double drops from all bosses (including the Halls of Fabrication Trial)
  • Double reward boxes from all Daily Quests in the zone

Explore a Vivec City still under construction

To get started exploring the home of the Dark Elves, you can pick up the zone quest and travel to Vvardenfell by accessing the Stories section of your Collections UI, selecting Morrowind under Zone DLC, and finally clicking the “Accept Quest” button. Alternatively, you can use a Wayshrine to teleport directly to Seyda Neen.

Morrowind on Sale

If you don’t have access to the zone, the Morrowind DLC will be on sale in the Crown Store throughout the event period for 1750 crowns (a 50% discount). This includes access to the Morrowind zone and story content (note, not the Warden Class).

In addition to this, the Morrowind Collector’s Pack Bundle will be on sale for 1050 crowns (also a 50% discount). The Morrowind Collector’s Pack Bundle does not include the zone DLC, but features a bunch of useful and fun items, including all of the following Morrowind-themed collectibles:

  • Mount: Dwarven War Horse - This loyal horse has been trained for warfare and will stick with you through every kind of conflict.
  • Pet: Dwarven Spider - A loyal Dwarven Spider liberated from a Dwemer ruin and converted using the "Neramo Method."
  • Bear Skin: Slate-Gray Summoned Bear - The greatest Wardens summon the mightiest animals.
  • Emotes: PvP Taunts - Celebrate your victory in the battlegrounds with this bundle of exclusive emotes: Belly Laugh, Kiss This, Teatime, Go Quietly.
  • Outfit Style: Morag Tong - Allows you to convert your gear to the Morag Tong style.

The mighty Dwarven War Horse

In addition to the above, the adorable Vvardvark pet will be on sale, and both the Lord Vivec Furnishing Bundle and Telvanni Tower home (both furnished and unfurnished versions) will be returning to the Crown Store for a limited time.

Earn Event Tickets

As you participate in the Morrowind Celebration Event, you’ll also earn Event Tickets for the following activities:

  • One Event Ticket for the first World Boss Daily Quest completed each day
  • One Event Ticket for the first Delve Daily Quest completed each day

You can earn a total of two Event Tickets per day per account, with a possible total of 24 by the event’s end.

Earn Event Tickets by completing Daily Quests

Throughout the event, you will be able to buy Indrik Feathers, Dawnwood Berries of Bloom (introduced with January’s Midyear Mayhem event), and the new Dawnwood Berries of Budding from the Impresario merchant. When spending your Event Tickets, be sure to double-check the name of the berries you’re about to purchase. You only need one of each in order to evolve your Indrik.

Vivec’s Power Wanes

The Warrior-Poet himself, the demi-god known as Vivec, needs your help to reclaim his lost strength and uncover the mysterious forces working against him and the island of Vvardenfell. Will you come to the aid of all of Morrowind and return to the home of the Dark Elves? Let us know on Twitter @TESOnlineInstagram, or Facebook.

The Morrowind Celebration event begins on Thursday, February 7 at 10:00AM EST and will end on Monday, February 18 at 10:00AM EST.

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