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Fight in a World Between Worlds with Update 21’s PvP Additions


Fight for glory in a mysterious Battlegrounds map and earn new weapon Outfit Styles and collectibles with Update 21’s PvP additions.

Battle in the Void

In the new Battlegrounds map, Eld Angvar, you and your team face off against your fellow players in the Ayleid world between worlds. You might recognize this location as one you visited during the Murkmire main questline, but this time, you’re using the void’s mysterious portals to hunt your fellow players.

When designing this map, the team saw an opportunity to reduce the amount of time between fights by moving the spawn locations to the map’s center. 

“With Eld Angvar, we wanted to disrupt certain behaviors that we’ve traditionally seen with some game types,” explains Brian Wheeler, ESO’s Lead Combat Designer. “In past Battlegrounds maps, we’ve always had the bases on the outer peripheries, but in Eld Angvar, we wanted to get away from forcing the players to run around the edges.”

In addition to starting everyone in the middle of the map, Eld Angvar gives you more choices for how to navigate and experience the arena. Depending on the game type, different parts of the map are open or closed, with Capture the Relic, Domination, and Chaosball making use of one version, and Crazy King and Deathmatch making use of another.

Watch your step in Eld Angvar

 “The main reason we created these different versions of Eld Angvar was to reinforce the varied game modes. It’s still the same basic map, but depending on the mode, we’ve closed off some areas and even changed up where the objectives are located.”

As a result, the map’s layout better reflects the game mode you are playing, making for an improved overall match experience and flow.

New Spoils of Victory

With Update 21, we added new rewards for PvP players who compete in both the Alliance War and in Battlegrounds.

For starters, you can acquire the Elinhir Arena Lion pet by combining 40 Arena Gladiator’s Proofs (earned by completing Conquest Missions) with the Arena Gladiator’s Roar (purchased from the War Researchers in Cyrodiil).

Additionally, you can obtain Weapon Outfit Styles for the Pit Demon, Storm Lord, and Firedrake teams by completing Battlegrounds matches. You can earn Pit Demon styles from Deathmatch, Storm Lord styles from Flag games, and Fire Drake styles from Land Grab matches. Just like regular Battlegrounds Outfit styles, you have a higher chance of obtaining a new reward the better you and your team performs.

The Elinhir Arena Lion pet and some of the new Battlegrounds weapon styles

“Players can earn these new rewards by doing the same activities that they’re used to,” explains Wheeler. “These additions continue to uphold our promise to bring new rewards for all our PvP players, and we’re definitely looking to do more in the future.”

Enter Eld Angvar

The fighting in Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds has never been fiercer, and the spoils of victory for those who take on their fellow players have never been greater. In addition to the new map and rewards, Update 21 brings players some of the existing Cyrodiil armor sets, keeping the experience fresh for all PvP players. Are you excited to try out Eld Angvar for yourself? Let us know on Twitter @TESOnline, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Update 21 base-game patch arrives February 25 for PC/Mac and March 12 for Xbox One and PlayStation®4. It is free for all ESO players.

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