Meet the Cats of ZOS!


While the development team is hard at work at bringing the world of Elsweyr to life during the day, when they get home, many enjoy the company of their very own Alfiq.

While our beloved pets can’t speak or cast spells (we think!), they do make for wonderful companions. Below, you can discover some of the real-world cats that inspire the ESO: Elsweyr development team every day, but in addition to them, you can download the two templates here and here to create Alfiq out of your own kitties! 

The Cats of ZOS

Glados—Luke Blaize, Production

This sinewy Alfiq is a master of stealth and subterfuge—lurking just at the edge of your vision before springing from the shadows, demanding coin and cuddles!


Lord Kingsley III—Lucas Slominski, Art

Lord Commander Wilford Amadeus Kingsley III’s grand titles, stoic demeanor, and kingly countenance can only partially conceal his hidden depths of silliness and fluff.


Madame Snow Paws Flufferbutt Ph.D—Jessica Crowe, Audio

This inquisitive scholar often finds herself whisker-deep in crises of her own making. Delving too deep into the mysteries of alchemy, meowthematics, and unsteady mantelpieces can have disastrous consequences.


Alex—Michelle Flamm, Design

Unlike his mysterious peers, what you see with this Alfiq is exactly what you get. Alex is a stout (if slightly dopey) companion, intent on winning your trust and affection, no matter the cost!


Ollie—Lauren McKenzie, Art

Ollie lives for the simple things: sumptuous food, pleasant company, and liberal displays of affection. His portly frame makes adventuring difficult, but then, the trip from the bed to the sugar bowl is adventure enough for some Alfiq.


Rex – Sarah Hecker, Community

Like most Pellitine nobility, Rex can come off as frigid and imperious. But those with the patience to peel back his many layers of cold gentility may find a surprisingly loyal friend.


Skooma—Katrina Trotta, QA

True to his name, this adorable oaf often falls prey to manic delusions of grandeur. His coat may be sleek as silken midnight, but it’s hard to take any Alfiq seriously when they’re tumbling whisker-first down a flight of stairs.


Tutti—Chris Balser & MJ Parker, Design

A clan mother of no small renown, Tutti passes down Azurah’s wisdom to ja’khajiit and furless friends alike. She may even tell you a secret or two, for a healthy dollop of gravy.


Vasilisa the Beautiful – Tatiana Malinko, Art

Magic comes naturally to all Alfiq, but Magrus shines brightly on noble Vasilisa, illusionist extraordinaire. You’ll only catch a glimpse of this billowing, black shadow if she wants you to.


Z’har Queso-ja of House Purratheon—Wynne McLaughlin, Content

Even the strongest Senche-raht humble themselves before the great Lord Queso. From high atop his cheese-laden throne, this mischievous sovereign reigns over cat and canine alike. But be warned! Some whisper that this Alfiq is no Alfiq at all, but rather Sheggorath in disguise!


That’s it for meow, but don’t worry, there’s more cats coming. We’ll share additional developer cats on Twitter @TESOnline using the #CatsofZOS hashtag all the way up until ESO: Elsweyr’s launch. Don’t forget, you can create your own Alfiq pictures with these two templates. Please share them with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebookwe can’t wait to see them!

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