Community Guides – Elsweyr & Update 22 Special


Get set for your adventure into Elsweyr with this collection of community-made guides!

This month, we’re focusing on Elsweyr- and Update 22-specific guides, including a ton of Necromancer builds for those who wish to master the dark arts. Note: Many of the guides and builds below are based on information from the Public Test Server. This means that at launch, some things might change!

Beginner’s Guides

Alcast – Necromancer’s Beginner’s Guide

If you’re new to the game or have no idea how to level and build your Necromancer character, Alcast has created a huge guide to show the way.

[YouTube] [Website]

Miss Bizz—Guild Finder Guide

Miss Bizz takes us through the new Guild Finder system, coming with the Update 22 base-game patch.

[YouTube] [Website]

Shimmer—Rimmen Necropolis Public Dungeon Boss and Group Event Locations

Discover where you need to go when exploring Rimmen Necropolis, one of Elsweyr’s new Public Dungeons. Interested in Orcrest instead? Shimmer has a guide for that, too!

[YouTube] [Website]

Arzyel Gaming—ESO Volendrung PvP Artifact

Update 22 also introduces a new system into the Alliance War: Weapon Artifacts! Check out this guide to learn about Volendrung.

[YouTube] [Website]

Hero of None—ESO PTS: Armor Set Review

Learn about some of the powerful new sets that are coming with Elsweyr with this guide from Hero of None.



Alcast—“Curse” Magicka Necromancer Build PvE

Bombard your enemies with relentless waves of skeletons. This Magicka build uses one of the new Trial sets for huge single-target damage.

[YouTube] [Website]

Kevduit—“The Dragon Scaler” Stamina Necromancer PvE

Kevduit breaks down how the “StamRomancer” (ugh!) can dish out as much hurt as its Magicka-based cousin.

[YouTube] [Website]

Sherman’s Gaming—“The Dread Tank” Starter Necromancer Tank

If you’re thinking about tanking with your brand-new Necromancer, here’s a good starting build that’s perfect for newer players.


Rubensky—Necromancer Health Tank

This tanky build utilizes max-Health sets such as Plague Doctor’s to ensure you can stand up to any assault.

[YouTube] [Website]

Arzyel Gaming—“Shaman” Necromancer Healer PvE

Make use of the Living Death Skill Line to restore and even resurrect your allies with this healing build.

[YouTube] [Website]

Thank you to all our wonderful ESO community content creators for the above guides and builds. We’re sure there’s plenty more to come, so if you’ve created or enjoyed a guide that you think your fellow players would love, share it with us on Twitter TESOnlineInstagram, and Facebook!

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