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Jump into Tamriel During Our Free Play Event


Explore a world without limits during The Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event. Find out everything you need to know to get in and play the award-winning RPG, completely free!

Play For Free

The Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event begins on Tuesday, August 27, at 2:00PM EDT and runs through Monday, September 2. During the free play period, you can download and play The Elder Scrolls Online base game on all platforms (PC/Mac, Steam, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One) free with no strings attached.

The base game includes access to four powerful Classes, 23 unique zones filled with adventures, the game’s epic main story questline, and much more. That’s hundreds of hours of adventure in the ever-growing world of Tamriel!

Visit the home of the Dark Elves

In addition to the base game access, you can visit Morrowind, the island home of the Dark Elves. There, explore ESO’s first Chapter and help the Tribunal member Vivec restore his lost power.

But that’s not all! Begin your own Season of the Dragon adventure by checking out the Elsweyr Prologue quest and release Dragons into the realm of the Khajiit. The Season of the Dragon began earlier this year with the Wrathstone DLC game pack, but you can experience this important part of the year-long story for yourself during the free play period!

If you’ve played in a Free Play Event previously, you’ll be able to continue your adventure as if you never left, and all new ESO accounts made will also receive 500 crowns for the in-game Crown Store.

Unleash Dragons

To get started, simply visit the Free Play page and select your platform! If you want to continue your adventures after the event, don’t hesitate to visit our Buy Now page to see all the different versions available.

Don’t forget, the Free Play Event begins tomorrow on Tuesday, August 27, at 2:00PM EDT and will run through Monday, September 2. It’s time to experience Tamriel unlimited for yourself!

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