Become an Ancient Dragon Hunter with These New Collectibles


Prepare for the final battle against Elsweyr’s winged monsters with this collection of thematic items, acquired via in-game activities and the Crown Store!

Strike fear into the hearts of Tamriel’s most-dangerous predators with the Ancient Dragon Hunter collection of cosmetics, styles, mounts, pets, and more. These thematically linked collectibles are available only for a limited time, with certain items available via different means. Check them out for yourself below!

Daily Login Rewards

These items will be available as daily login rewards during the month of October.

The Ancient Dragon Face Marks (available day 7) & the Ancient Dragon Body Marks (available day 14)

Scalebreaker Dungeon Rewards

The Dread-Aurelian Mask style page is earned by completing the “Scalebreaker Explorer” Achievement (walk into any of the two Scalebreaker dungeons), and the Dread-Aurelian Pauldrons style page is earned by completing the “Scalebreaker Delver” Achievement (beat both dungeons on veteran difficulty).

The Dread-Aurelian Mask style & Dread-Aurelian Pauldrons style

Crown Store Items

These items will be available in the Crown Store at various periods during October.

Dread-Aurelian Charger mount (available in Crown Store from October 3 at 10:00AM EDT until October 7 at 10:00AM EDT)

Ancient Dragon Hunter Armor Pack & Ancient Dragon Hunter Arms Pack (both available in Crown Store starting on October 3 at 10:00AM EDT) 

Ancient Dragon Hunter Horse mount & Ancient Dragon Hunter Wolf pet (both available in Crown store as part of the Scalebreaker Collector’s Edition or individually)

Crown Crate Items

You can find Ancient Dragon Hunter items currently available in the New Moon Crown Crates and for purchase with Crown Gems.

Ancient Dragon Hunter Piercing & Ancient Dragon Hunter Coronal (both available in New Moon Crown Crates)

Dread-Aurelian Dragonslayer Wolf pet (available in New Moon Crown Crates)

That’s it! Pick up these limited-time items in game and in the Crown Store from now throughout the month of October and you’ll be ready to put down the winged threat while looking like a Dragon hunter of old. Keep an eye out for more thematic collections like these in the future, too. Are you interested in picking up some or all of these fearsome items? Let us know on Twitter @TESOnlineInstagram, or Facebook.

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