ESO Community Spotlight—Raidplanner by Woeler


Woeler’s latest community project is the Raidplanner—a tool to help guild leaders organize group activities. Learn about this new tool in our latest Community Spotlight!

If you’re unfamiliar with his previous work, Woeler has developed a host of useful tools for the ESO community, such as the Dwemer Automation Discord bot and websites including ESO-Sets, ESO-Housing, and more. We caught up with him to discuss his latest project, the Raidplanner.

If I’m a guildmaster interested in running some dungeons and trials, what can the Raidplanner tool do for me?

I designed Raidplanner to make planning guild and in-game events easier. It binds directly to your Discord server, so it is super easy for your guild members to use. No extra accounts are required. The guildmaster can set it up in five minutes and the guild is ready to go.

You’ve built database websites like ESO-Sets, Discord bots like the Dwemer Automation, and much more. What inspired you to create a tool to help groups run dungeons and trials this time around?

Organizing trial raids, dungeon nights, or PvP raids is hard, especially for larger guilds. I think that at the end of the day, we all want to spend more time actually playing the game, and less time organizing. That is what this tool is about, letting people organize events fast and easy so they can spend less time planning and more time playing.

Is this tool something you wish you’d always had for PvE challenges?

Yes. The entire reason I started ESO Raidplanner three years ago was because our guild lacked the tools to plan raids properly. It was always done via text messages or group chats. It was never really optimal and required a lot of sorting work. The idea to start this project came from that problem.

What’s one killer feature that the Raidplanner offers that every guildmaster should make use of?

Members do not even need to know the Raidplanner has a web interface. Everything can be done via a Discord bot in your Discord server. No need to open the web browser.

What has been the community’s reaction to the Raidplanner so far?

The reaction continues to be very positive. Especially from those that have been asking for Discord support from the start. The old ESO Raidplanner was my first complex ESO web project, and it showed. It was kind of a mess. The new one is streamlined, clean, and most of all, easy to understand for users.

Do you have any additional features planned in the future?

As for now, I regard the Raidplanner as feature complete. I do have some quality of life changes and updates in mind that I will probably roll out over the next few weeks. But for now, a new, bigger project requires my full dedication.

Oh! Can you give us a hint as to what your new project is?

I can’t say too much because it is still in the very early stages of development. What I can say, however, is that it will encompass many aspects of the game and that we aim to launch it with full support of the major three ESO client languages (English, German, and French).

How can guildmasters get started using Raidplanner and where can they find more information about the tool?

Any guild with a Discord server can start using the Raidplanner at Information about how it works can be found on the same page under the “FAQ & Support” menu.

The code of ESO Raidplanner is also open source. Any developer familiar with PHP7 and Symfony 4 can contribute code and/or features if they want on Github.

Thank you to Woeler for once again taking the time to talk to us about his ESO web projects. If you’re already making use of the Raidplanner or intend to do so in the future (perhaps for the new  Harrowstorm dungeons?) let us know via @TESOnlineInstagram, and Facebook. Happy raiding!

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