Introducing the Gloomspore Crown Crate


A whole world of amazing creatures, people, and oddities are waiting within the subterranean world of Blackreach. Check out some of the new and returning items you can find within Gloomspore Crown Crates!


Few adventurers ever tread the damp and oppressive darkness of Blackreach. Those that do find timeworn Dwarven ruins glowering over seas of shimmering geodes and grand fungal forests that shed ghostly clouds of luminous spores. These vistas inspire awe, but terror soon follows.

Chitinous monstrosities scuttle behind each glowing mushroom, and eyeless horrors lurk in every dark corner. Do you dare to peer into this eerie gloom? Lift your torch and behold these treasures … if you dare!


Gloomspore Crown Crates arrive in the in-game Crown Store this Thursday, March 19. When you open a Gloomspore crate, you uncover a deep selection of goods and items, including useful consumables (such as XP scrolls, potions, and others) and an assortment of new and returning collectibles. Here are some of the items you can bring to light when opening one of these new crates:

Gloomspore Guar mount & Bloodfiend skin

Graverobber costume & Horrifying Egg Hatch memento

You can discover much within these Blackreach-inspired containers, including the chance to receive one of these extremely rare mounts:

Embermould Warhorse & Fungiflare Wolf mounts

Shadowcap Cave-Senche mount

Finally, Gloomspore Crown Crates can also contain some classic returning items, too, such as:

Blacksmith costume & Auroran Twilight Warhorse mount

You can discover everything coming this season in this forum thread. Don’t hesitate to grab some of the currently available Frost Atronach Crown Crates on the Crown Store right now—they’ll be gone when the Gloomspore Crown Crates arrive in two days!

Items from the Deep!

You can uncover strange new items and creatures found exclusively within Skyrim’s deepest depths with the all-new Gloomspore Crown Crate. What better way to prepare for your journeys into Blackreach when Greymoor launches later this year? Let us know if you’re excited to pick up some of these bioluminescent beauties when they arrive this Thursday via Twitter @TESOnlineInstagram, and Facebook!

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