5 Fun Ways to Prepare for Greymoor


Are you excited to dive into the new stories and adventures arriving with Greymoor? Here are five fun ways you can prepare for the release of the upcoming Chapter.

Play Harrowstorm & Greymoor Prologue Quest

To get started, you can experience the first part of the Dark Heart of Skyrim year-long adventure by checking out the Harrowstorm DLC, released in February of this year. Featuring two challenging dungeons—Icereach and Unhallowed Grave—this DLC sets up the events that occur during the upcoming Greymoor Chapter. You can acquire Harrowstorm from the in-game Crown Store or get free access via ESO Plus™ membership.

Battle the Icereach Coven

In the Greymoor Prologue, you join Lyris Titanborn in a quest to investigate the schemes of the nefarious Icereach Coven, including an expedition into part of Blackreach! What you uncover in the Greymoor Prologue questline leads directly into the upcoming Chapter’s main storyline, and because the Prologue is part of the base game, as long as you have ESO, it’s completely free! To begin, use the free Quest Starter, titled “Prologue Quest: The Coven Conspiracy,” from the in-game Crown Store.

Create a Nord & Goth Them Up!

What better way to explore Western Skyrim than with a brand-new Nord character? While you’ll still get a fairly frosty reception from the Westerners when you arrive in Solitude (they’re extremely suspicious of outsiders), with a Nord character you can enjoy passive bonuses to your Stamina, Health, and resistances—perfect for those who want to survive the harsh winters and monstrous beasts found within this untamed region.

Of course, a new character requires a new look! Get in the spirit of this new Chapter and find a grim selection of unique ornaments, emotes, and hairstyles perfect for your new vampire Nord in the Crown Store. We recommend the Sidelong Sweep hairstyle, Wedding Suit (so fancy!), and the Face Markings cosmetic pack. Of course, there’s another way to make your character look the part ….

Become a Vampire or Werewolf

In the upcoming Greymoor Chapter, monstrous beasts prey upon the people of Western Skyrim, but you can claim their power for yourself by becoming the very thing you must hunt! To join the ranks of vampires in ESO, let a fellow Vampire player bite you, or allow a rare enemy called bloodfiends (found in Bangkorai, Reaper’s March, or The Rift) to damage you. If you’d like to become a Werewolf, you can be infected by either a fellow player or by a werewolf from within the same zones as above. Alternatively, you can pick up either of these afflictions/blessings from the in-game Crown Store.

Become one of Tamriel’s most-feared monsters

Vampires abilities are receiving an overhaul with Update 26, meaning now is the perfect time to level up that Skill Line to ensure you can unlock everything when the new one is available. To level up your Vampire, earn XP while having a Vampire ability slotted in your action bar.

Encounter Vampires & Dark Secrets in Rivenspire

If you’re interested in a dark, mysterious tale of Vampires and ancient evils, you might enjoy the base-game zone of Rivenspire. Located in the northern region of High Rock, Rivenspire suffers as feuding houses clash, merciless vampires swarm throughout the region, and a nefarious plots unfolds from the shadows.

In the zone’s storyline, you must unite the rival Houses of Rivenspire and earn the trust of an ancient Ravenwatch vampire clan. Because Greymoor also features its fair share of shadowy plots (not to mention all the Vampires!), this questline is the perfect warm-up for what is coming, and you might even encounter some of the Ravenwatch characters in the new Chapter, too. As part of the base game, you can travel to this part of Tamriel whenever you wish!    

Explore Eastern Skyrim

With its snow-capped mountains, giant roaming beasts, and hardy Nords, you can already explore a large part of Skyrim within The Rift and Eastmarch zones. If you’re looking for Skyrim adventures, we recommend visiting the Nord cities of Windhelm and Riften. Even better, as base-game zones, you can visit these locations right now!

Defend Falkreath Hold with your fellow Nords

For further battles alongside Nords, seek out the dungeons found within the Horns of the Reach DLC, where you can defend the Nord township of Falkreath and put a stop to the Reachmen, witches, and minotaurs of the Dreadhorn clan. Both of these dungeons (titled Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge) give you a taste of the threats the people of Western Skyrim face in the new Chapter, not to mention the chance to earn pages for the amazing Dreadhorn and Bloodforge styles! You can gain access to the DLC game pack via the in-game Crown Store or free with ESO Plus membership.

Get Ready for Greymoor

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to gear up and get ready for new adventures in the home of the Nords. How are you preparing for your journey into Skyrim’s dark heart? Share your plans and characters with us via @TESOnlineInstagram, or Facebook.

Part of the Dark Heart of Skyrim year-long adventure, The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor arrives May 26 for PC/Mac and June 9 for Xbox One and PlayStation®4. Pre-purchase Greymoor now digitally to receive unique bonus rewards and gain immediate access to the Holdbreaker Warhorse in-game mount (digital only—conditions apply). Don't miss out!

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