Get a Free Crown Store Bundle from Us!


As a thank you to the ESO community for your amazing support, we’ve added a FREE bundle to the in-game Crown Store. 

Whether you’ve been sharing your stories of adventure, assisting your fellow players, or helping us continually improve the game, you’ve created one of the best communities in gaming. To show our appreciation for everything you all do, we’ve added a special gift to the in-game Crown Store.

From now until July 30, you can find the brand-new Player Appreciation Bundle featured in the Crown Store. This exclusive bundle is completely free (it’s listed as having a zero crown cost) and includes the following items:

  • Vampiric Dragon-Imp pet
  • The Mace of Molag Bal outfit style
  • Three Outfit Change Tokens
  • 10 Crown Repair Kits
  • 20 Crown Soul Gems
  • Three Gold Coast Experience Scrolls (50% boost for one hour)

Get your free bundle right now!

Once you’ve received the bundle, you can find the Repair Kits, Soul Gems, and Experience Scrolls in your Inventory and the pet and weapon style in your Collections UI. Finally, you can use the Outfit Change tokens at an Outfit Station (where you can also apply the weapon style).

Don’t forget, this bundle is 100% free, and you can claim it from the Crown Store right now—it’s that easy. Once again, we truly appreciate everything the ESO community does both in game and out, so thank you for being such an active, passionate, and engaging part of The Elder Scrolls Online. We’ll see you in Tamriel!

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