Announcing the Winners of the ESO Greymoor Housing Contest


We recently challenged you to decorate your home in Tamriel based on two themed categories, and you didn’t disappoint! We received a ton of astonishingly creative entries (and some impressively disturbing ones, too), making judging especially challenging for all involved.


A Home Fit for a Vampire

From incredible, gothic mansions to bloody banquets, this category had it all!

Winner: “Moon-Sugar” from Russia

This incredible, custom-built house shocked and awed us. This deathly abode instils equal parts dread and wonder.  

Runner Up: “nitagar” from the United Kingdom

Every good lair requires a sumptuous banquet hall. Perfect so long as you’re not the one on the menu! 

Runner Up: “Lalothen” from the United Kingdom

This moody lair exudes power and menace while providing for all your vampiric needs.

Nord Homestead

This category was especially tough to judge based on the sheer creativity and variety of all the entries.

Winner: “seaofstars” from France

All a true Nord needs is good food and companionship, and, by Kyne, this well-stocked banquet hall is sure to bring in warriors from all over Tamriel to share tales of glory and feast.

Runner Up: “Nyraelle” from Germany

At the risk of perpetuating a stereotype, this abode-in-a-barrel is both extremely creative and quintessentially Nordy.

Runner Up: “Chryseia” from the United States

After a hard day’s adventuring, sometimes you just want to put your feet up and relax, and this homely Nord cottage is the perfect place to do it.

Honorable Mention

“researchmonkey” from Austria

Just look at it.

We hope you enjoyed seeing some of the most creative and inspiring entries from our Home Decoration Contest. Which one was your favorite? Tell us via @TESOnlineInstagram, or Facebook.

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