Watch the Gates of Oblivion Global Reveal Event & Get a Free Pet!


Discover the future of Tamriel and The Elder Scrolls Online by tuning into the Global Reveal Event on!

You can watch the 2021 Global Reveal Event live via on Tuesday, January 26 at 5PM EST. Tune in to see ZeniMax Online Studio’s Director Matt Firor and Bethesda Softworks’ Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Pete Hines introduce 2021’s next big Chapter and year-long saga!

Throughout the show, you’ll get a first look at the year’s new adventures, stories, systems, and characters. We’ll be joined by members of ZeniMax Online Studios’ development team (including Creative Director Rich Lambert, Art Director CJ Grebb, and Loremaster Leamon Tuttle) to break it all down.

Tune into the show live, and you’ll also receive Twitch Drops, including an Ouroboros Crown Crate and the all-new Viridescent Dragon Frog pet, completely free.

Watch the show to earn this free pet!

Don’t forget that we recently updated the Twitch Drops system, so be sure to link your accounts and be ready to claim your rewards!

Once the main presentation is over, stick around for the official ESO Live Special as Community Managers Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno recap the big news and take a deep dive into some of the new features and adventures coming in the first half of 2021. They’ll also be joined by members of the ESO development team and host a number of amazing giveaways that’ll include both digital items and brand-new physical goodies and merch.

Finally, tune in during the days after to catch our post-show streams from some of our international Community Managers:

  • UK: UK viewers can tune in to for a post-show stream on Wednesday, January 27 at 3PM GMT (10AM EST) hosted by UK Community Manager Ophelia. She will present an interview with Matt Firor, Studio Director of ZeniMax Online Studios about his ESO journey, and will be joined by Xynode, Dawnwhisper, kayPOWXD and GlitteringGh0st to catch up on all the new Chapter news.
  • France: Check out Bethesda France on Wednesday, January 27 at 4PM CET (10AM EST) at to discuss the recent Gates of Oblivion announcements with Community members Desastre, Artesio, and MrElderScrolls!
  • Benelux: Celebrate the new ESO chapter reveal together with the Benelux team at Bethesda over at from 5PM – 11PM CET (11AM – 5PM EST) on Wednesday, January 27. Together with familiar and new guests, Linda and Julian will be questing, cooking, making art, and giving away prizes.
  • Germany: Join Senior Community Manager Kai Schober and members of the ESO Stream Team at on Thursday, January 28 at 7PM CET (1PM EST) for a recap of the announce and first look at Update 29 on PTS. They will be joined by special guests Creative Director Rich Lambert and Lead Encounter Designer Mike Finnigan.

Destruction comes to Tamriel in 2021 with the Gates of Oblivion year-long adventure, and you can learn all about it on this Tuesday, January 26 at 5PM EST—don’t miss it!

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