Community Guides–Flames of Ambition & Update 29


Excited to take your first steps into the Gates of Oblivion year-long adventure? Here are some community-made guides and builds to help you face Mehrunes Dagon’s schemes and the Flames of Ambition DLC. Take note, many of these guides and builds were made during the PTS cycle, so some details may have changed.


ESO-Hub—ESO Champion Points Calculator

Want to theory-craft your ideal Champion Point build and share it with your fellow players? Woeler has put together this amazing tool on where you can do just that!



NirnStorm—The Complete CP Guide—Champion Points 2.0

NirnStorm provides an in-depth guide to the new Champion System and how it has changed with Update 29.


Skinny Cheeks—New Champion Point System | Leveling Guide for Damage Dealers

If you’re looking to optimize how you use your Champion Points for your damage-dealing characters, Skinny Cheeks has you covered.


Hack the Minotaur—ESO Races Have CHANGED! Complete Guide

Update 29 also brings some changes to racial passives, which Hack outlines in this helpful guide.


NefasQS—Advanced Stats UI

Nefas breaks down the new Advanced Stats addition to your in-game Character sheet and why it’s a useful tool for anybody looking to perfect their builds.


Nobleplays—BEST Magicka Sorc SET of 2021?

Noble showcases the new Unleashed Ritualist set and believes it’ll be a powerful option for MagSorc pet builds.



Ninja614 w/Inklings—Power Level ESO Crafting this Super Easy Guide

If you’re interested in rapidly leveling up your crafting skills, this simple guide from Ninja614 and Inklings lets you know exactly what materials, Skill Points, and Champion Points you need!



Alcast—Stamina Grind Build for All Classes

A new Champion System means you might want to pick up some more Champion Points, right? Alcast details how you can get to CP810 and beyond as quickly as possible with a unique build. Play Magicka? He has a guide for them, too!


Xynode Gaming—EASY SORC 2.0! Magicka Sorcerer Build

Xynode has once again updated his classic Easy Sorc build for Flames of Ambition and Update 29.


Brah We Got This—Magicka Warden DPS Build

Let’s keep things easy with this fun Magden DPS build that provides great sustain and damage for up-and-coming Wardens.


ArzyeL Gaming—Melee Magicka Nightblade PvE Build—Spellblade

ArzyeL showcases a Magblade build that’s designed to fight up close and personal by combining melee and Magicka attacks for great damage.


Major thanks to our amazing ESO content creators for putting together such in-depth guides and builds. If you’ve enjoyed or crafted a Flames of Ambition or Update 29 build or guide you think the community would also love, don’t hesitate to share it with us on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!

The Gates of Oblivion year-long saga begins with the Flames of Ambition DLC game pack, now live on PC/Mac and Stadia*, and coming March 16 for Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

*Available only in limited territories.

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