Enjoy Bonus XP, Gold, and More During the Return of the Explorer’s Celebration


You can enjoy double XP, bonus resource node drops, and double gold earned in any zone in Tamriel during the Explorer’s Celebration—now live!

Explore & Quest

Now live and running until Thursday, May 20 at 10AM EDT, the limited-time Explorer’s Celebration brings additional rewards for the following in-game activities:

  • Increased yield from harvest nodes (not fishing!)
  • Double XP gains from every source
    • This stacks with other XP boosts such as scrolls or group multipliers
  • Double gold earned from monster kills, quest rewards, and similar sources

These bonuses are available to all players in any zone in Tamriel. If you’re leveling up a character for the upcoming Blackwood Chapter, be sure to make the most out of this mini-event!

Note that the Explorer’s Celebration doesn’t grant Event Tickets and doesn’t have its own unique quests, Achievements, or collectibles associated with it. Additionally, the Impresario isn’t available during this limited period.

The Explorer’s Celebration is now live and will run until Thursday, May 20 at 10AM EDT.

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