Prepare for Adventure with Critical Role’s Elder Scrolls Online One Shot


Experience a new story cooked up by the Critical Role team as they stream an ESO: Blackwood One Shot.

We love everything the Critical Role team does, so in addition to the recent #EverythingisContent stream, we are thrilled to once again partner up with Matt Mercer and the team and have them put together a new Blackwood-inspired One Shot. This special stream will go live tonight (Monday, May 24) at 10PM EDT on, so be sure to tune in and catch the show*!

If you’re unfamiliar with these Critical Role shows, “One Shots” are single tabletop-RPG sessions, where each player takes a brand-new character into the adventure—providing a unique story (crafted by the CR team themselves) from start to finish.

In addition to tonight’s One Shot, Laura Bailey and Liam O’Brien will continue their own ESO journeys with another episode of #EverythingIsContent, live on their Twitch channel this coming Friday, May 28 at 7PM EDT.

That’s a full week of fun and adventure from the folks at Critical Role, but if you want more, be sure to visit their official Twitter and YouTube channels or their official website for the latest!

*If you can’t make it, don’t worry! If you’re a Critical Role subscriber, you can catch the VOD on demand after, and it also becomes available for everybody to enjoy on YouTube from Wednesday, May 26!

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