Celebrate Blackwood’s Launch with These Official & Sponsored Streams


In addition to the ongoing Stream Team Team Stream, check out these great shows coming up from the global ESO community teams and partners.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood is live on PC/Mac, and we’ve got a host of amazing streams lined up from ESO community teams and our sponsored partners from all over the world (and in many languages) that you should check out. Review everything going live over the next two weeks below!


ESO Live—Rockgrove Trial

ESO Community Managers Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno are joined by members of the ESO Stream Team to run through Blackwood’s new PvE Trial, Rockgrove, and fight to save the souls of the Ca-Uxith!

ESO Live—Alienware Explores Blackwood

ESO Community Managers Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno are once again teaming up with Alienware CM Amy Schlueter to explore the new Chapter and take on the minions of Mehrunes Dagon in Oblivion Portals and Public Dungeons!


Cooking Stream w/ Miss Molly Makes (Sponsored)

Miss Molly Makes cooks up Deshaan Honeydew Hors Douevre, Grape Preserves, Cyrodiilic Corn Bread, Elsweyr Fondue—yum!


Nordic Blackwood Stream w/ VikingTrash (Sponsored)

Join VikingTrash as she takes on Blackwood and explores everything it has to offer!


Nordic Blackwood Stream w/ Valter Skarsgård (Sponsored)

Follow Valter aka The Wolf on his adventures in Blackwood!


Nordic Blackwood Stream w/ Whoozaa (Sponsored)

Wake up for a morning adventure with Whoozaa as he explores the Blackwood zone.

Nordic Blackwood Stream w/ Michi (Sponsored)

Michi explores the wilds of the new Blackwood zone.


Nordic Blackwood Stream w/ AlsoaTV & ESO Denmark Unite (Sponsored)

Let’s celebrate both Blackwood and the Danish Constitution Day! AlsoaTV will take you on some fun ESO adventures with some Danish themes!


Nordic Blackwood Stream w/ ItsNatashaFFS & ESO Sweden Unite (Sponsored)

Blackwood and Sweden deluxe? Join ItsNatashaFFS as she explores Blackwood and celebrates the Swedish Constitution Day!


Nordic Blackwood Stream w/ QueenE (Sponsored)

The wonderful QueenE explores Blackwood!


ESO Piano Performance Stream from Lara6683 (Sponsored)

Lara6683 performs music from Blackwood and The Elder Scrolls Online.


Blackwood Exploration w/ the UK Community Team!

Enjoy a Blackwood overview and exploration with the UK Community team—spoiler free!

Cooking Stream w/ Miss Molly Makes (Sponsored)

Miss Molly Makes cooks up even more ESO-inspired recipes, including Grilled Timber Mammoth Kebabs, Banana Millet Muffin, and Port Hunding Cheese Fries.


ANZ Mates of Oblivion Stream

Aussie Community Manager Kim teams up with Tamriel Down Under to explore the new Blackwood Chapter.


Nordic Blackwood Stream w/ Babblinggoat (Sponsored)

Join Babblinggoat in Blackwood for lots of fun and adventures!


Nordic Blackwood Stream w/ Jellyzaur (Sponsored)

Jellyzaur begins their own adventures in the Blackwood Chapter.


Nordic Blackwood Stream w/ Sanxyra (Sponsored)

Find out what Sanxyra discovers when she enters Blackwood.


Blackwood Companions

Join the UK Community team as they meet Blackwood’s Companions!

Cooking Stream w/ Miss Molly Makes (Sponsored) 

Even more tasty ESO cooking from Miss Molly Makes with Roasted Beet and Millet Salad, Cinnamon Gorapples, and Hunter Pie!


Blackwood Launch Stream Beginning of Blackwood w/ Desastre, Artesio, and MrElderScrolls!

Join us as we discover the beginnings of Blackwood’s story line! Desastre, Artesio, and MrElderScrolls will accompany us to talk about all things Blackwood.


A Night with The Elder Scrolls Online

German Community Manager Kai Schober is joined by a host of special guests including ZOS studio head Matt Firor, cosplayer Kim on the Rocks, artist Aronja Art, musician Jörg Roth (from Saltatio Mortis), star chef Dominik Käppeler, and streamers Gnu and Alex0s. Phew!

Throughout the livestream, we’ll talk about the new Blackwood Chapter, share cosplay propmaking tips, show you how to cook a real ESO meal, draw the Prince of Destruction, and much more.


MAX Blackwood Stream

MAX's Jules, ESO Stream Teamer MiezeMelli, and German Community Manager Kai team up to look for companions and oppose Mehrunes Dagon.


Blackwood Launch Stream

Join German Community Manager Kai and members of the German Stream Team as they venture into Blackwood.


Launch Stream

Stream Team members YanekShow, parabellumpk, Strannik_Oss, and our Russian Community Manager Valeriya will explore the new Chapter and Update 30.


Launch Stream w/Kurolily (Sponsored)

Explore Blackwood with Italian community ambassador Kurolily as she unveils what’s new!

Launch Stream w/Arvendirita

Dive into Blackwood with members of the Italian ESO community and Steph, ESO’s Italian Community Manager, as they unveil the new Blackwood Chapter features and updates.


Prologue Quest and Rockgrove Trial

Before beginning the new Chapter, let’s quickly recap where we left off and play the Blackwood Prologue with Italian Scrolls Online before attempting the new Rockgrove Trial.


Blackwood Launch Stream with ESO Italia & Tom’s Hardware

Follow ESO Italia and Tom’s Hardware while they talk about the new Chapter, what has changed over time in game, and how the different guilds and the community are liking it so far!


Blackwood Exploration Stream (Sponsored)

Italian community ambassador Kurolily digs deeper into Blackwood’s story and lore.

Blackwood Console Launch Stream (Sponsored)

Italian community ambassador Kurolily focuses on the launch of ESO on consoles and discusses the new improvements coming up with the Console Enhanced version of the game.


Tamriel Is Searching for a Hero (Sponsored)

Are you the hero Tamriel needs to save it from Mehrunes Dagon? Then put on your costume, show off your powers, and tell the world why you've got what it takes. 

Blackwood Chapter Showcase (Sponsored)

Curious about what Blackwood brings? Join our livestream with streamer Emin as they wander the new lands, take on Oblivion Portals, and tackle a dungeon with the new Companions!


“A Daedric Favour” Blackwood Tabletop RPG Session w/ Baniak (Sponsored)

Dive into Oblivion in a brand-new tabletop adventure featuring Grajowy, Łosiu, NieDaRadek, Seto and Game Master Baniak, based on ESO: Blackwood prologue quest!

“A Daedric Favour – Part Two w/ Baniak (Sponsored)

Same players, same characters,new adventure! Grajowy, Łosiu, NieDaRadek and Seto continue their RPG adventure with Blackwood – but this time in ESO!

Blackwood Launch Celebration Stream

Polish community streamers will join ranks with gaming influencers and the Polish Community Manager lecho to celebrate the launch of new Chapter and explore Blackwood together!


Blackwood Launch Stream

We're diving into the new Blackwood Chapter with Rubensky! Come and join us for giveaways, fun, and information about the new zone.

Phew! That’s a lot of ESO and Blackwood streams! Let us know if you’ll be checking out any of the above shows via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook—and have fun in Blackwood during this launch week!

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