World Plays ESO Is Live! Check Out Our First Wave of Participants  


The World Plays ESO global celebration begins today! Check out the schedule and profiles for the first two weeks of fun!

The World Begins Playing

We’re live! Starting now and continuing until QuakeCon 2021 in August, our World Plays ESO global celebration has begun, and you can watch our participants explore Tamriel right now! Check out the upcoming schedule below and prepare for two months of ESO adventures.

Don’t forget, you can visit the World Plays ESO page to get the latest information and news on this promotion and see who is currently streaming.


We challenged a massive group of players, all members of the #ESOFam, to explore, quest, and battle their way through everything ESO has to offer. Here’s a complete list of all our World Plays ESO participants:


TonyActsOut, Tea the Khajiit, ItsIffy_, VikingTrash, Xynode, Bislobo, Ninja614, Niniskya, LuckyGhost, JHartEllis, Matygon, MiniMari, Dawnwhisper, NefasQS, FENGRUSH, AlcastHQ, kayPOWXD, Tirinei, aesmatv, DESHPLEASE, 0periodproductions, Alex0S, Genplay, mApplinator, YanekShow, Italian Scrolls Online, DemonCatDaphne, LoveThyMonster, Artesio, emin_citak, parabellumpk, Saint_Crow, Lord_Morrowind, Desastre_Show, denizforst, MiezeMelli, Sir_Hannah, ChiefOuweDibbes, IcyIC, Kurolily, GlitteringGh0st, Valter Skarsgård, Strannik Oss, Rubensky, Ath3onTV, Lasuu, and DacuTV.

Special Guests

Robert Whittaker, Nicole Savoy (and her guild!), and more to be announced.

ESO Developers

Creative Director Rich Lambert, Encounters Lead Mike Finnigan, Senior Community Manager Jess Folsom, Community Manager Gina Bruno, and some surprise developer guests, too.  

Phew! That’s a lot of different streamers and guests for a lot of different streams. Learn more about our participants for the first two weeks of the promotion below!

Streamer Profiles for June 22 – July 2


A professional actor and filmmaker, Tony enjoys streaming in-character as he plays, often engaging in large-scale PvP and PvE raids. Together with his cat, named Dovahkiin, Tony will be creating a new character and exploring the base game main story for World Plays ESO.

Tea the Khajit—

Tea the Khajiit is an ESO roleplayer-turned-streamer who over three years has built a lively stream and welcoming community (the Tea Leaves). Playing everything from world exploration, to quests, to PVP for Tea, there is no wrong way to play; it's about the unexpected adventures they have along the way! During World Plays ESO, Tea has the honor of exploring the Aldmeri Dominion zones and story.


Based in Queensland, Australia (Aussie Aussie Aussie!), Iffy streams all kinds of ESO adventures, including Trials, Dungeons, fishing, PvP, and more. Always willing to get chat involved, Iffy will be focusing on the Daggerfall Alliance zones and storylines as part of World Plays ESO.


Hailing from a city on the west coast of Norway, VikingTrash is a community-focused streamer who plays all kinds of content and enjoys customizing her characters, homes, and herself with makeup and body paint. Viking Trash will be tackling the Ebonheart Pact zones and storylines during World Plays ESO.


Streaming from the UK, Xynode crafts a host of builds and guides for many of ESO’s PvE challenges, including Dungeons, Trials, and Arenas. For the World Plays ESO, Xynode will be tackling some Veteran Dungeons with his Orc Dragonknight, also called Xynode!


Bislobo enjoys chatting with his wolves while playing open-world PvP, organizing Trials, setting up community events, or simply exploring Tamriel. Streaming from Portugal, Bislobo will be taking the fight to his fellow players in Cyrodiil during the Midyear Mayhem PvP event!


Biker-turned-ESO streamer, Ninja plays and streams almost every aspect of ESO while always engaging with his users and having a laugh. Ninja will bring his unique style and love of certain baked snack to the Orcs of Wrothgar as he explores the Orsinium zone and story.

Alex0s  (DE)

Alex0s is Germany's ESO veteran who hosts regular streams filled with heart and jokes. Always willing to answer every question from his community, Alex0s will be diving deep into the Imperial City for the World Plays ESO. We’re sure absolutely nothing will go wrong…

Genplay— (IT)

Genplay, known simply as Genna, has always been passionate about MMOs and faithfully serves the queen of the Aldmeri Dominion when not creating PvE endgame content. Genplay will be tackling a ‘Tales of Tamriel’ marathon covering the base game and Maelstrom Arena for World Plays ESO.



 Aussie Gaymer, streamer, PAX Panelist, and ESO Stream Team member, mApp streams from Perth, Western Australia with a focus on building a community and fun, inclusive spaces for all gamers. For The World Plays ESO, mApplinator will be covering character creation, housing, Dungeons and Trials. 

YanekShow (RU)

YanekShow is the voice behind the scenes, as no one has ever seen him! Yanek’s streams are dedicated to questing, from the base game to the latest chapters and DLCs. During the World Plays ESO, Yanek will quest in the Summerset, Elsweyr, and base-game zones.

ItalianScrollsOnline— (IT)

A network and community of Italian ESO players, the ItalianScrollsOnline crew together will explore different content, such as Dungeons, Trials, PvP, achievements runs, Antiquities, Crafting, and Housing for the World Plays ESO promotion.


DemonCatDaphne  (BLX)

Join DemonCatDaphne on her ultimate ESO quest, as no zone in Tamriel can escape her ambition to earn 100% completion! For World Plays ESO, DemonCatDaphne will be diving into all ESO regions, starting with the base game and Orsinium DLC.


LoveThyMonster— (Turkey)

Monster makeups, The Elder Scrolls Online and two crazy cats. LoveThyMonster is joining us for the World Plays ESO and will be providing us with a perfect introduction to ESO.

Artesio (FR)

Artesio loves exploration above all and enjoys “papilloner” (to flit around) as he likes to call it across all of Tamriel. Always ready to lend a hand to his community with Trials and Dungeons, he also loves cookies! Lots of them. For World Plays ESO, Artesio will be streaming housing and running dungeons.

emin_citak— (Turkey)

For World Plays ESO, we’ll be keenly watching Dungeon runs on Emin_citak’s channel. With a special Quakecon Dungeon run stream coming later!


Parabellumpk—  (Russia)

Parabellumpk is a huge fan of PvE content, and glorious three-colored beard’s owner hunts PvE achievements, holds cozy streams, chats with the community, and passes trials with his viewers. Parabellumpk will explore various Dungeons and Trials in World Plays ESO. 

Saint_Crow (DE)

 Saint_Crow was already there "when the land was young.“ In a relaxed stream, Sam showcases all facets of the game, so sit back and watch Saint Crow cover ESO’s starting region, provide classic housing tours, the Maelstrom Arena and more in the World Plays ESO!


Lord_Morrowind (DE)

 With Lord_Morrowind covers almost everything, from crafting, to quests, to the most difficult raid achievements, and housing, everything is there. For World Plays ESO, Lord_Morrowind will be adventuring through the zone quests in Ebonheart! 

Desastre_Show— (FR)

If you’re looking to improve your skills on ESO, then Desastre will be happy to help thanks to his knowledge of builds and character optimization. Desastre enjoys playing Battlegrounds as much as highlighting community creations on his streams, and he provides lots of guides and help with his website. For World Plays ESO, Desastre will show you the ins and outs of PvP!


denizforst (Turkey)

 Denizforst loves to run streams while exploring Tamriel. For World Plays ESO, he'll be tackling PvP and Solo Arenas. 



Sir_Hannah is a UK based LGBTQIA+ variety streamer with a heavy focus on role playing games, wholesome cozy games, and community interaction. She loves to stream most PvE content in The Elder Scrolls Online and particularly enjoys teaching new players. For World Plays ESO, Sir_Hannah will be questing in Orsinium, exploring the land for the first time. 


Loot loot loot! That’s the best way to describe ChiefOuweDibbes. Witness his livestreams as he pillages and loots through Tamriel! For World Plays ESO, ChiefOuweDibbes plans to cover Clockwork City, Orsinium, SummersetDragonhold and more. 


Icy believes that gaming is more than just a hobby; it's somewhere that everyone can find a place for themselves, and she'd like to share the place she's built with you. ^_^ Come and join her! For World Plays ESO - Icy will take you through the Orsinium and Summerset DLCs.


A small and mighty Aussie LGBTQIA+ streamer that is part of the ESO Stream Team. Angry's stream will never have a dull moment as she performs the dance of her people for her viewers. For World Plays ESO, AngryWolf6 will be adventuring through Orsinium, the Clockwork City and Summerset, join her and see what the Orcs are up to!

That’s it for now!

Over the next two months, we’ll be sharing more profiles and all the highlights and fun from this massive celebration, so keep an eye out for more World Plays ESO content on the official website and our social channels, and don’t forget to share your own adventures with us using the #WorldPlaysESO hashtag on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

Beginning Tuesday, June 22, and continuing until QuakeCon 2021 on August 19, The World Plays ESO is a massive celebration of everything you can experience in The Elder Scrolls Online, shared via a non-stop series of livestreams hosted by developers, special guests, and Stream Team members.

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