Community Spotlight—Fan-Made Creatures of Oblivion


We asked the ESO community to dream up and illustrate their own brand-new monsters of Oblivion, and they delivered—here are some of our favorites!

In early August, we asked the ESO community to share their own Oblivion beasts with us on our social channels. The results were incredible, and we were thrilled to talk about some of them in our recent QuakeCon Live Art stream.

Want to get a closer look? Check out the above submissions and some additional favorites below!


Of course, these are just some of the amazing submissions we received from the always creative #ESOFam. You can find more via the #GatesOfOblivionArt hashtag on Twitter. A big thank you from us to everybody who shared their creations. Be sure to keep an eye out for all-new minions of Mehrunes Dagon in the Waking Flame and upcoming Deadlands DLCs, too!

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