Experience the Twisted Smiles & Dark Delights of the New Grim Harlequin Crown Crates


Discover the marvelous and menacing costumes, mounts, and more found in the new Grim Harlequin Crown Crates, coming soon to the in-game Crown Store.


Any Sheogorath cultist can tell you there are two sides to every jest. The frivolous antics of Baandari tricksters can bring smiles and laughter, but there is a dark side as well—the dimly lit stage of ridicule, cruelty, and shame. In the shadow of a wicked harlequin, laughter can raze kingdoms and jokes can cut to the bone.

Will you claim the power of joyous anguish? The unnerved masses await your performance!


The new Grim Harlequin Crown Crates arrive in the in-game Crown Store this Thursday, September 23 at 10:00AM EDT, and they feature a twisted selection of collectibles and consumables inspired by Tamriel’s most-sinister jesters and fools. When you open a Grim Harlequin Crown Crate, you’ll have a chance to receive the items previewed below and many more, and in a first for Crown Crates since their inception, the Apex reward tier will include a costume and personality!

Garb of Grinning Horrors costume & Maniacal Jester personality

Grinning Terror Steed mount & Adoring Stand hair

Of course, Grim Harlequin Crown Crates also have a chance to include one of these ultra-rare Radiant Apex mounts, too: 

Ram of Dark Delights mount

Dark Delirium Senche & Infernal Trickster Death Hound mounts

Finally, each Crown Crate has a chance to also include some fan-favorite returning items from the Crown Store, including these colorful goods:

Moonshadow Wing Mask hat & Gem Prospector Outfit costume

This is just a small taste of the dark delights you can discover when opening a Grim Harlequin Crown Crate. For a complete list of every item found within the new crates, check out this forum thread. Finally, when this new Crown Crate season arrives, the previous Iron Atronach Crown Crates will no longer be available, so be sure to grab them while you can from the in-game Crown Store!

Wicked Revelries

Grim Harlequin Crown Crates arrive this Thursday, September 23 at 10:00AM EDT, and you can acquire them from the Crown Crates menu in the Crown Store. Don’t forget, you’ll need to stock up on crowns first. Will you be snatching up some of the Grim Harlequin Crown Crates’ sinister goods? Let us know via TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!

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