Choose Your Bonus Reward!

When turning in the "Turn the Page" event-specific quest, you can choose to favor either Tralise (Oath of the Keepers Music Box) or Yensa (Apocrypha Tome Furnishing), potentially unlocking one of the two additional rewards below. Make your selection wisely, as the sister favored the most by the event's end will have their unique item unlocked for all Necrom Chapter owners alongside the primary rewards.

Yensa is the most favored!

You can claim the Apocryphal Tome furnishing from the in-game Crown Store from now until Friday, October 20 at 10AM EDT.

Event Details

The Secrets of the Telvanni in-game event begins Thursday, September 28 at 10AM EDT, and it will run until October 10 at 10AM EDT. During the event period, when you complete the unique daily quest titled “Turn the Page,” you will progress the primary meter. Check back daily to see the community’s progress. Once the event concludes, ALL Necrom Chapter owners can claim the unlocked prizes from the in-game Crown Store. Don’t yet own ESO: Necrom? You can buy it now and still qualify for event rewards!

To complete the “Turn the Page” quest, find and bundle special Esoteric Pages together while adventuring within either the Telvanni Peninsula or Apocrypha zones. In addition to the event’s primary meter and rewards, you can also unlock a fourth bonus reward by choosing to favor either Tralise or Yensa when turning in the bundle to Master Faras. Whichever sister has the most favor by the event's end (October 10 at 10AM EDT) will have their unique item ALSO unlocked in addition to the primary rewards. Which of the two bonus rewards you receive is entirely up to the ESO community, so make your choice!

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