Explore Summerset & Earn Unique Rewards

Venture across the isles of Summerset and Artaeum and visit 10 unique locations to earn up to three special rewards for all ESO: Summerset owners.

Psijic Mascot Pony Pet - Awarded at 33%
This perky but enigmatic equine glows with Magicka through the mystic runes that embellish its possibly-illusory epidermis. Enchanting!
Though the Psijics are not a combat order, the monks do concede a need for protection when venturing beyond Artaeum, and when their fighting escorts need to be mounted, they conjure up these impressive warhorses for them.
Grand Psijic Villa - AWARDED AT 100%
When Artaeum was removed from Tamriel, a few neighbouring isles went with it, including the site of the Grand Psijic Villa, a monumental estate with magnificent views of the south coast of the main island.
Complete the Pathfinder Achievement
Venture across the beautiful isles of Summerset and Artaeum to unlock the Summerset Pathfinder Achievement. Unsure where to find your next location? Check out our helpful map.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset

Explore an all-new zone packed with adventure. Join the mysterious Psijic Order and gain powerful new abilities to aid you on your quest. Reunite with old friends, forge new alliances, and work together to unravel a conspiracy that threatens Tamriel's very existence. 

Now available for Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and PC/Mac.


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