Ascending Tide DLC Game Pack

Begin your Legacy of the Bretons year-long adventure with the Ascending Tide DLC game pack.

Legacy of the Bretons

Set out on a new year-long adventure, Legacy of the Bretons, and experience an epic story told across three DLCs and the upcoming High Isle Chapter.

The Coral Aerie

Launch a daring rescue and discover the birth of a sinister new plot in the Coral Aerie, a hideaway for the mysterious Ascendant Order.

Shipwright's Regret

Uncover long-hidden secrets and riches within an abandoned shipyard, but beware—restless undead now inhabit the remnants of this All Flags Navy construction site.

Remnants of the Lost

Loot unique new item sets and collectibles as you delve into two new dungeons and uncover their myriad challenges and secrets.

The Coral Aerie

Race to rescue the dashing Jakarn from the clutches of the mysterious Ascendant Order. Join forces with Captain Kaleen in a daring raid on the Coral Aerie and discover the dark forces threatening the noble Breton people.

Shipwright's Regret

Captain Za'ji needs your help to investigate the abandoned shipyard of the All Flags Navy and contend with the sinister forces that now call it home. The beginnings of a saga that threatens to engulf Tamriel in endless war awaits!

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