Firesong DLC Game Pack

Conclude your year-long Legacy of the Bretons adventure with the Firesong story DLC.

Legacy of the Bretons

Battle the Ascendant Order and bring your year-long adventure to its epic conclusion with bonus content for those who also completed the High Isle Chapter storyline.

Explore Untamed Wilds

Discover an all-new zone, the mysterious island of Galen, and dive deep into the lives and lore of the druids of the Systres that call it home.

Defend the Systres

The rampaging Firesong Circle and opportunist Dreadsail pirates plague the Bretons of Galen. Defend a people besieged by two unlikely foes in a new story.

Claim Unspoiled Treasures

Earn and uncover all-new collectibles, Achievements, and item sets unique to the Firesong DLC and not found anywhere else in Tamriel.

Fight for Balance

The Bretons of Galen are under siege. The Firesong strikes out at its fellow druids, while the people of House Mornard suffer raids from Sea Elf pirates. It's up to you and your allies to defend the city of Vastyr and the druids of the Stonelore and Eldertide Circles against these brutal and unprovoked attacks.

Venture into Galen

Journey into the untamed island of Galen, an overgrown and wild land home to spirits, druids, and beasts. Discover ancient ruins, colossal jungles and forests, and volatile lava rivers as you explore a primeval world mostly untouched by civilization.

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November 1

PC Mac

November 15

Xbox Series X|S Xbox One