Lost Depths DLC Game Pack

Explore and expand upon your Legacy of the Bretons adventure with the Lost Depths dungeon DLC.

Legacy of the Bretons

Continue your year-long adventure with two new stories that connect the events of the High Isle Chapter and the epic saga's final story DLC.

Earthen Root Enclave

Defend the besieged Earthen Root Enclave from the Firesong circle and protect the mystical relics hidden deep within this ancient sanctuary.

Graven Deep

Join the hunt for a long-hidden secret of the legendary Druid King as you investigate the perilous region of the Abecean Sea known as Graven Deep.

The Bounty of the Sea

Claim new rewards found only within the Lost Depths DLC, including unique Achievements, item sets, collectibles, and more.

Earthen Root Enclave

For centuries, the Earthen Root Enclave stood as a spiritual sanctuary for the druids of the Systres. Now, the Firesong circle has invaded this honored haven, and Druid Laurel needs heroes to come to its defense.

Graven Deep

Tamriel’s sailors whisper warnings about Graven Deep, a strange region of the Abecean Sea where any ship that enters vanishes without a trace. Join former pirate Dhulef as he hunts for information on the legendary Druid King’s voyage to the Systres.

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August 22

PC Mac

September 6

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