The Orsinium DLC Game Pack Is Now Available

Included with active ESO Plus Membership or purchase for 3000 crowns in the in-game Crown Store.

Experience An Epic Adventure

20 hours of rich story content

Explore Wrothgar

A colossal new zone for players of all levels

Survive The Arena

A new single player challenge, The Maelstrom Arena

Discover New Mysteries

Two large public dungeons, Old Orsinium and Rkindaleft


King Kurog has begun to rebuild the great city of Orsinium, the long-abandoned capital city of the Orcs.

The Orc leader has pledged to unite the Orc clans under a single banner, but already there are whispered plots from those who would seize power for themselves. The Orsinium DLC game pack is available to players of all levels and contains hours of new story content.


Unearth the secrets of Rkindaleft, a Dwarven ruin trapped within a glacier.

Rkindaleft has long been the subject of whispered rumors and tales told to frighten Orc children. Gather a band of like-minded adventurers and overcome this public dungeon's challenging group events and fearsome boss battles together.


Plunge into the crumbling, abandoned depths of Old Orsinium, the ancient first location of the Orc capital, destroyed in the First Era.

Pass through the three legendary gates, Smelter, Hammer, and Temper, descend into the Caves of Dark Abundance, and locate the sacred fire of Malacath that burns deep inside the Temple of Grudgement. Battle fierce new bosses, collect untold riches, and discover the lost history of the first Orsinium.


Test your might against the fiercest enemies imaginable as you, and you alone, fight for your life.

Earn prestige with leaderboard rankings and be rewarded with some of the most powerful weapons in all of Tamriel! The Maelstrom Arena features nine combat rings and two different difficulty levels. Do you have what it takes to journey into the Maelstrom?


High in the rugged Wrothgarian Mountains, the Orcs of Northern Tamriel gather to rebuild their ancient capital of Orsinium.

Time and again it has been sacked and destroyed, but the proud Orsimer never give up. Come visit the realm of the Orcs, unseen in the Elder Scrolls series since The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall in 1996.

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Available Now in the Crown Store and to ESO Plus Members

Included with active ESO Plus Membership or purchase for 3000 crowns in the in-game Crown Store.