Scribes of Fate DLC Game Pack

Commence your Shadow Over Morrowind adventure with the Scribes of Fate dungeon DLC.

Shadow Over Morrowind

Delve into the mysteries of Hermaeus Mora and begin a story that continues into the Necrom Chapter. What forbidden secrets will you uncover?

Scrivener's Hall

Fight your way through the twisted acolytes of the Scribes of Mora and confront their villainous new leader, Valinna.

Bal Sunnar

Temporal magics emanate from the mysterious township of Bal Sunnar, and the Psijic Order needs help investigating and containing this strange power.

Secret Relics & Rewards

Discover all-new collectibles, achievements, and item sets unique to the Scribes of Fate DLC to prepare for the mysteries and adventure to come.

Scrivener's Hall

A change in leadership twisted the Scribes of Mora from mild-mannered scholars to an order of violent zealots. Assist the exiled former leader of the scribes in infiltrating Scrivener’s Hall, locating a powerful Daedric artifact, and removing the dangerous Valinna before her leadership is fully recognized.

Bal Sunnar

The township of Bal Sunnar and its Telvanni masters have remained hidden in the mountains for centuries, but why does this mysterious location now emanate temporal magic? The Psijic Order needs your help to hunt down the source of this phenomenon through the past, present, and future!

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