Thieves Guild DLC Game Pack

Included with an active ESO Plus Membership or available for purchase for 2000 crowns in the in-game Crown Store.

Join the Thieves Guild

Join the iconic Elder Scrolls guild

Learn New Skills

Unlock a new Thieves Guild-themed skill line

Play Dirty; Get Away Clean

Experience all-new epic story content and take part in criminal activities

Face A New Trial

Take on the challenge of a new 12-player Trial, the Maw of Lorkhaj


Help restore the Thieves Guild in Abah's Landing, currently besieged by the mercenary force known as the Iron Wheel.

After a high-stakes heist gone horribly wrong, the Iron Wheel will stop at nothing to destroy the Guild. Hours of story content await you as you solve the mystery of the Iron Wheel and restore glory to the Thieves Guild.


Originally colonized by the first wave of Redguards from the lost continent of Yokuda, this barren, inhospitable area has been untamed for centuries.

The bustling merchant-controlled seaport of Abah's Landing is an oasis of civilization in this otherwise remote and forgotten backwater. Explore Hew's Bane – never before seen in any other Elder Scrolls game – and discover ancient secrets buried beneath the shifting sands of this distant corner of Hammerfell.


Want to enhance your character with all-new thieving, sneaking, and stealing-related passive skills? You're in luck!

The Thieves Guild in Abah's Landing will teach you these skills as you progress through the ranks of the organization. Become a master thief and fill your coffers with your ill-gotten gains!


Leveraging ESO's Outlaw Refuges, Thieves Guild quests take you all over Tamriel to engage in – and profit from – criminal activity.

Steal, loot, and pickpocket your way to fabulous wealth. Heists, a new quest type, allow you to hone your thieving skills by adding trespassing and stealth/hiding mechanics that enable you to break into warehouses and homes in Abah's Landing to relieve merchants and citizenry of their goods. Beware of the guards!


A brand new 12-player Trial! With both Normal and Veteran difficulty modes, the Maw of Lorkhaj will test your allies and your courage.

Breach the gates of an ancient Khajiiti shrine, and confront the ghostly legions of Namiira in eerie lamp-lit corridors – complete with ruthless new enemies, terrifying bosses, and a wealth of treasure from the depths of Oblivion.

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Available Now in the Crown Store and to ESO Plus Members

Included with active ESO Plus Membership or available for purchase for 2000 crowns in the in-game Crown Store.